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The current issue No. 102 The first ABBA Fan Club Magazine, No. 1, was published in February 1990. Each ABBA issue prints in A4 size, contains 36 colour pages filled with ABBA and is sent to many hundreds of fans all over the world! The magazine has been printed on glossy paper in full colour since issue No. 49.

Starting with No. 53, each issue has come with a colour poster featuring an often previously-unpublished photo in 30 x 60 cm (A3) size. You can find a listing of contents in each issue under the "Back Issues" section on this page.

ABBA features all the latest Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Benny and Björn news and photos. We are proud to feature exclusive interviews with and personal greetings from the members of ABBA from time to time, as well as interviews with people who worked with ABBA throughout the group's successful career. In our competitions, included in each issue, we give away exclusive prizes such as original autographs, new CDs and DVDs as well as tickets to musical premieres or events, often attended by an ABBA member.

Regular features include "News Extra" (containing the latest reports on new releases, musical premieres, TV appearances and more), comprehensive discography features, articles about ABBA memorabilia, readers' letters and fan stories, as well as pen pal/swap and search ads. Our special features often include in-depth looks at a particular aspect of ABBA's career, such as the group's history in a particular country (Spain, Greece, Japan) as well as other interesting and unique topics. Member "extras" are often sent out with our issues such as postcards, stickers, cards and other fun items.

The ABBA Fan Club magazines are published in English. German-speaking members can order a translation together with their subscription.

Many of our members actively help us with the magazine by writing their own articles and submitting their photos for publication. All kinds of ideas for future issues are welcome! The more members and ideas we have, the better ABBA will be.
New members will get our latest magazine, an exclusive ABBA postcard with printed autographs and ad flyers.
ABBA postcard with printed autographs

Artikel zum Film aus Nr. 82 Benny interview from No. 81

Set of postcards from No. 59 - 62 Agnetha article from No. 56

Voulez-Vous article from No. 55 Greetings from No. 77

Björn interview from No. 84 Poster from No. 81

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Back Issues

The following features appear in each issue: News Extra, New CDs/DVDs.

102Nr. 102 Interview with Björn, Prize Draw, ABBA Voyage - Interview with Prof. Dr. Magdalena Zorn, ABBA Arena 2nd Anniversary with Björn & Benny, Special Report: ABBA Knighted with the Swedish Royal Order of Vasa, Songbook: Anni-Frid Lyngstad - Nu Vissla Vi Ett Slag, Special Report: 50 Years Waterloo Special 1974 - 2024, A new Czech Book, Reader's Story: Take A Chance On Me   Current issue 
101Nr. 101 Special infos about a Frida single from 1969, Prize Draw, Special report about 50 years Waterloo, Tribute to Ola Lager, Songbook - Agnetha 'Då Finns Du Hos Mig', ABBA On Record / Carl Magnus Palm - Exclusive part from the book, Exklusive interview with Jan Gradvall, Discography Series: ABBA 7" Singles from Germany/GDR/Austria/Switzerland - part 2, Reader's Story: A dream of dreams (Frida and Benny)   Back issue available 
100Nr. 100 Special report with photos about Agnetha's new album A+ , The Fans of ABBA - 50 year jubilee, First anniversary show at the ABBA Arena in London, 10th anniversary of ABBA The Museum in Stockholm, Exclusive interview with Ingmarie Halling, Special report about 100 issues of ABBA , Competition with very exceptional prizes, 100th Anniversary Songbook: Anni-Frid Lyngstad - TV only track   Back issue available 
99Nr. 99 "Best of Today" - Björn in a podcast, Competition, Tribute to Svenne Hedlund with unpublished photos, ABBA Discographie Series: Singles from Germany, GDR, Austria, Switzerland, 50th Anniversary Songbook: Agnetha Fältskog, Exclusive Reader's Story: The life of Australian ABBA fans   Back issue available 
98Nr. 98 50th Anniversary Report: People Need A & B & B & A, 30th Anniversary: ABBA Gold, First Anniversary: ABBA Voyage, New Book Publications: ABBA in Deutschland 1973-1983, ABBA Die Diskografie, ABBA Thank You For The Music, Tribute to Olivia Newton-John, Special Premiere Report: Pippi At The Circus, 20th Anniversary Report: Musical Mamma Mia! in Germany   Back issue available 
97Nr. 97 Premiere and Opening Day, ABBA arriving at the arena, Interviews by ABBA on the red carpet in front of the ABBA arena, The ABBA Voyage Show, ABBA on stage at the end of the ABBA Voyage Show Premiere, First impressions by Björn and Benny, ABBA Voyage Merchandise Catalogue, Impressions by the ABBA members, Double-sided poster of ABBA on the red carpet / as ABBAtars on stage   Back issue available 
96Nr. 96 Competition, Everything about the ABBA Voyage Show before the premiere, Press conference about Pippi på Circus with Björn, Report - You And I Have A Reason To Remember, incl. Björn's speech about the war in the Ukraine, Agnetha in the TV show Wetten, dass...? 1983, Interview with Remko van Drongelen, Songbook, A3 size poster   Back issue available 
95Nr. 95 Competition, Reader's Stories: Fan Reactions, Interview with Frida from BBC Radio with Zoe Ball, Interviews from the whole world with Björn and Benny, Interview with Lasse Wellander, Mamma Mia! The Party Premiere in Gothenburg, ABBA Voyage Promotion in Germany, Exclusive Interview with Elisabeth Vincentelli, Songbook for 50th anniversary: The Language of Love   Back issue available 
94Nr. 94 Special Edition: Voyage
Competition, Special report: On a journey with ABBA, Björn and Benny interview with Zoe Ball, Songbook 2021, Reader's Stories: Fan Reactions from the historical ABBA event on September 2, Exclusive interviews with Agnetha, Bernhard Löhr and Janne Schaffer, Special report: ABBA Voyage - The Catalogue, ABBA Voyage Show - A Revolutionary Concert
  Sorry - sold out 
93Nr. 93 The song of our life, ABBA - New music in sight, ABBA gold & platinum records, Reader's Story - Gäst hos Hagge with Frida, Agnetha's 'A' interview by Fredrik Thomander, Songbook by Agnetha, Benny & Björn, Competition, A3 size poster
  Sorry - sold out 
92Nr. 92 Exclusive Björn Interview, 30 Years of ABBA- Part 4, The last Show Express with ABBA's last German TV apperance together with a live audience Part 3, Fernando with discography, Reader's Story from Canada, Songbook by Anni-Frid, Competition, A3 size poster
  Sorry - sold out 
91Nr. 91 30 Years of ABBA- Part 3, The last Show Express with ABBA's last German TV apperance together with a live audience Part 2, Reader's Story - ABBA & Me, Salute Birgitta Wollgård, Long Long Live Love! , Competition, A3 size poster, ABBA sticker
  Sorry - sold out 
90Nr. 90 30 Years of ABBA- Part 2, The last Show Express with ABBA's last German TV apperance together with a live audience, The Winner Takes It All - The recording that won everything, Report about Benny's BMW car, Agnetha at the Montreux Golden Rose Rock Festival 1985, 50 Years - Special Songbook: Festfolk/Fästfolk 1970, Competition, A3 size poster, Special Poster 60 x 40 cm
  Back issue available 
89Nr. 89 30 Years of ABBA-, Special report about Coloured Vinyls Part 3, Pippi at Cirkus Stockholm, ABBA Super Troupers Exhibition in London, More about the ABBA Concert in Landskrona 1979, My! My! My fate was to be with you - a special report about a young policeman who was lucky to meet ABBA in Brighton in 1974, GDR Update, 50 Years - Special Songbook with Songs by Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Competition, A3 size poster
  Sorry - sold out 
88Nr. 88 Special report: 30 Years on from German Reunification, ABBA's Concert in Landskrona in May 1979 with exclusive interview by photographer Eje Sjölander and many unpublished photos, Reader's Story about a meeting with ABBA in Munich 1979, BAO 2019 Concert report, Mamma Mia! The Party - Opening in London, 50 Years - Special Songbook with songs by Agnetha, Competition, A3 size poster
  Sorry - sold out 
87Nr. 87 Exclusive Interview with Alexandra Charles: Voulez-Vous - An Undercover Story, Competition, Hans Arnold: The Most Surrealistic ABBA Album Cover: Greatest Hits, The Game of the Name Part 5, 50 Years - Special Songbook with songs by Björn, Reader's Story, The long and winding road to a proper short band name, ABBA in Concert in Zürich 1979 Part 3, A3 size poster with exclusive, unpublished ABBA photo from Voulez-Vous
  Sorry - sold out 
86Nr. 86 Special Reports about the 1973, 1974 and 1977 tours, Competition, The Game of the Name Part 4, 50 Years - Special Songbook with songs by Anni-Frid, Reader's Story, ABBA in Concert in Zürich 1979 Part 2, A3 size poster with exclusive, unpublished ABBA photo from Tokio
  Sorry - sold out 
85Nr. 85 Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again - Movie premieres in Stockholm and London, Competition, The Game of the Name Part 3, 50 Years - Special Songbook with songs by Agnetha & Björn, Reader's Stories, The Train Back Home Again, ABBA in Concert in Zürich 1979 Part 1, A3 size poster with exclusive, unpublished ABBA photo from Bremen
  Back issue available 
84Nr. 84 ABBA - They're Back: Special report with all details about the brand new ABBA Songs, Competition, Björn in Brussels, 50 Years - Special Songbook with songs by Agnetha & Björn, Exclusive interview with Björn, Let The Good Times Roll - Exclusive interview with photographer Marlies Leckebusch of the legendary Musikladen, Some Music never Dies - Special report about the new exhibition at the ABBA Museum, Two-sided A3 size poster with exclusive, unpublished ABBA photos from Musikladen 1979
  Sorry - sold out 
83Nr. 83 Anna Bromee: En Frid(a) För Själen, ABBA Competition, Super Troupers - The Exhibition, 30 Years Klinga Mina Klockor, Special report about The Movie / The Album, ABBA DVD: BRAVO Legenden, Reader's Story, Special report about CHESS in Copenhagen and Washington D.C., A3 size poster with previously unpublished ABBA photo
  Back issue available 
82Nr. 82 The Autographs - ABBA's signatures, ABBA Competition, Exclusive interview with Ola Håkansson, Special report about The Movie / The Album, 50 Years Agnetha & Frida, Reader's Story, Special report "We All Love ABBA", A3 size poster with printed autographs
  Back issue available 
81Nr. 81 Frida in Torshälla, Benny's new album "Piano", ABBA Competition, Exclusive interview with Benny, Special report about Agnetha in London 1988, 50 Years Agnetha & Frida, Special report "40 Years of Arrival" Part 3, A3 size poster
  Back issue available 
80Nr. 80 Systerpolskan with Benny, ABBA Concert in Perth 1977, ABBA Deluxe Tribute Dinner Show, Competition, Exclusive interview with photographer Michael Brannäs, Special report: "Björn & Benny - Thank You For The 50 Years of Music" Part 2, Open letter to Björn & Benny, Special report: "40 Years of Arrival" Part 2, A3 size poster
  Back issue available 
79No. 79 Benny Anderssons Orkester on tour 2016, Book review "We All Love ABBA", Competition, Exclusive interview with Swedish radio presenter Ulf Elfving, Special report "Björn & Benny - Thank You For The 50 Years of Music", Special report "40 Years Arrival", Reader's Stories, 2 A3 size posters
This issue has 40 pages!
  Sorry - sold out 
78No. 78 Björn awarding the Charlemagne Medal to the Eurovision Song Contest in Aachen, Interview with Björn and many photos, New book "Agnetha Fältskog - The girl with the golden hair", Large and exclusive report on the opening of Mamma Mia! The Party with a personal message from Björn to our Fan Club members, Björn on "Skavlan", Competition, Report about "Lars meets Frida", A3 Poster with one of the latest ABBA shots from January 2016   Sorry - sold out 
77No. 77 Story on Mamma Mia! The Party including an exclusive interview with producer Mats Ahldén, More greetings for our 25th Anniversary with a message from Frida, ABBA's 1976 visit to Poland featuring exclusive interview with photographer Bertil Jigert, ABBA Poster Calendar 2016, Special reports: Kristina press conference & Premiere, Kärlekens Tid Release Concert, huge feature with our members' selfies and stories   Back issue available 
76No. 76 Report and exclusive Photos: ABBA by Calvero, 10 Questions for Regina Part 2, ABBA Poster, Björn at the Humanisterna Event, Benny at the Orion Theatre, Interview with John Tobler, 25th Anniversary Competition, Reader's Stories   Back issue available 
75No. 75 25th Anniversary Issue!
Frida sings about 1865, Benny and Ludvig at the Berlinale, 10 Questions for Regina Part 1, ABBA Poster, Talking Deluxe with Michael B. Tretow, Chiquitita - The Power of a litte Girl, Kristina Premiere in Gothenburg, Exclusive Interview: Producer Matt Pop, 25th Anniversary Competition, Reader's Stories
  Sorry - sold out 
74No. 74 Björn at the Way Out West Music Conference in Gothenburg, "ABBA Live at Wembley Arena" Playback with Benny and Ludvig, A Creative Nomad: Frida on Skavlan, ABBA Poster, Report: Mamma Mia! Premiere in Finland, Interview and exclusive Photos: Elisabeth Hofstedt, Reader's Story, Competition   Back issue available 
73No. 73 Follow-up Report: ABBA - The Official Photo Book, Competition, Special Report: ABBA - The Official 40th Anniversary Party, ABBA Poster, ABBA The Museum celebrates 40 Years of "Waterloo", Reader's Stories, Waterloo Singles Discography   Back issue available 
72No. 72 Exclusive Report: Regina & Ralf with Björn at "Wetten, dass..?", Conversation with ABBA's 6th member: Michael B. Tretow, ABBA Poster, Competition: ABBA's 40th Anniversary, Exclusive Interview: Gered Mankowitz - Agnetha's Album Photographer, Exclusive Interview: Annette van Trigt of "The Story of ABBA", Waterloo Album Discography   Sorry - sold out 
71No. 71 Special Feature & Interview: ABBA - The Official Photo Book, Interview with Janne Schaffer, Exclusive Interview: Bonnie St. Claire of Bonnie & José, ABBA Poster / 2014 Calendar, Reader's Stories: Two New Fan Projects, Photo Report: Benny Anderssons Orkester Summer 2013, Frida's "Something's Going On": The Singles, Competition, "The Visitors" Series Finale   Back issue available 
70No. 70 Bubi Heilemann's new Multimedia Show "ABBA Up Close", Exclusive 21 Page Report & Photos: ABBA The Museum Opens, ABBA Poster, Reader's Stories, Competition, Special Report: Agnetha promotes her new album "A" in London and Stockholm   Back issue available 
69No. 69 Special Feature: Agnetha's Return, Exclusive Interview with Mattias Hansson, Björn in Berlin and Cannes, Report: The Premiere of "Hjälp Sökes", ABBA Poster, Exclusive Interview: Christer Borg - Author of "Fenomenet ABBA", 30 Years of Frida's "Something's Going On" Part 3: Scrapbook, Exclusive Interview: Robert Noack and Oskar Nilsson, Competition, Agnetha's Rolled Posters   Back issue available 
68No. 68 Competition, Benny at Piteå's Studio Acusticum, Exclusive Interview with Caj Högberg, 30 Years of Frida's "Something's Going On" Part 2, ABBA Poster Calendar 2013, Exclusive Interview with Owe Sandström, ABBA's "Bodyguard" Tom Oliver, 30 Years of "ABBA – The Visitors" Part 3, Reader's Stories, New Poster Series: Agnetha   Back issue available 
67No. 67 Special Report: ABBA The Museum, Competition, Benny's new Musical "Hjälp Sökes", Exclusive Interview with Peter Jöback, ABBA- Poster, Report: BAO in Uppsala, 30 Years of Frida's "Something's Going On", 30 Years of "ABBA – The Visitors" Part 2   Back issue available 
66No. 66 Competition, Frida talks to , Exclusive Interview with Ingmarie Halling, ABBA- Poster, Interview with Plastic Bertrand, Behind the Scenes of the ABBA Documentary "Thank You For The Music - 40 Years of ABBA", Special Feature "ABBA – The Visitors", Reader's Stories, ABBA in Spain: The Posters   Back issue available 
65No. 65 Catch-up with Carl Magnus Palm, Report: Kristina Premieres in Finland, Interview with Australia's Anne Wood, ABBA in Spain Part 3: Discography, ABBA- Poster, Interview with Chris Norman, Super Trouper Finale: The Posters, Interview with Nils Landgren, Reader's Stories, Competition   Back issue available 
64No. 64 Interview with ABBA musicians Mike Watson and Roger Palm, Interview: ABBA - Die Audiostory, Competition, Super Trouper Special Part 3, Guide to Skopelos, ABBA Poster Calendar 2012, Special Feature: ABBA in Spain Part 2: The Promotion, Readers' Stories, The Making of "ABBA by Micke", Songbook: Never Again / Ya Nunca Más, Rare ABBA Posters: Poster Magazines   Back issue available 
63No. 63 BAO's 10th Anniversary Tour, Super Trouper Special Part 2, ABBA- Poster, Special Feature: ABBA in Spain Part 2: The Press, Competition, Readers' Stories, Rare ABBA Posters: Poster Magazines   Back issue available 
62No. 62 Exclusive Interview with Murray Head, Super Trouper Special Part 1, ABBA- Poster, Special Feature: ABBA in Spain Part 1, Competition, Agnetha on "Gäst hos Hagge" Part 2, Discography series: Japanese MCs, Rare ABBA Posters: Frida,
incl. special Frida Postcard
  Back issue available 
61No. 61 A History of ABBA Fan Clubs, Frida talks to Christopher Green, New Book / Interview: "ABBA by Micke", ABBA- Poster, Agnetha on "Gäst hos Hagge" Part 1, Conversation with ABBA Musicians Ulf Andersson and Mats Ronander, Competition, Discography series: Japanese CDs, Readers' Stories, Rare ABBA Posters Part 6,
incl. special Björn Postcard
  Back issue available 
60No. 60 Agnetha and Björn at the Danish Premiere of Mamma Mia!, Mamma Mia! Australia: The 10th Anniversary, ABBA- Calendar Poster, Frida Records Again, Competition, The Typography of ABBA Part 3, ABBA- Discography series: Japanese LPs,
incl. special Benny Postcard
  Back issue available 
59No. 59 Kristina at the Royal Albert Hall, Reader's Corner, ABBA- Poster, ABBAWORLD opens in Melbourne, Competition, Interview with Dutch TV legend Ad Visser, ABBA- Discography series: Japanese Singles, Rare ABBA Posters Part 5,
incl. special Agnetha Postcard
  Back issue available 
58No. 58 20th Anniversary Issue with 40 pages!
ABBA inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, ABBA- Anniversary Poster, Frida and Björn kick off ABBAWORLD, Competition, Welcome to ABBAWORLD - Our Review, New ABBA Books from Premium Publishing
  Back issue available 
57No. 57 Report: BBC Radio 2 ABBA Tribute, Report: Kristina - A Concert Event in New York, ABBA- 2010 Calendar, Interview with Rock Photographer Jørgen Angel, 30 Years of Voulez-Vous Part 4: The Promotion   Back issue available 
56No. 56 Agnetha at the Marianne & Sigvard Bernadotte Awards Ceremony, ABBA- Competition, Benny Andersson Band - Summer Tour 2009, The Typography of ABBA Part 2, 30 Years of Voulez-Vous Part 3, Rare ABBA Posters Part 4   Back issue available 
55No. 55 Oslo Welcomes Mamma Mia!, 10 Years of Mamma Mia! London, Elaine Paige interviews Benny & Björn, Interview with Barbara Dickson, 30 Years of Voulez-Vous Part 2, Rare ABBA Posters Part 3   Back issue available 
54No. 54 Agnetha and Frida On Stage Together, Benny Interview on US Radio, ABBA- Competition, 30 Years of Voulez-Vous, The Typography of ABBA   Back issue available 
53No. 53 Special Feature: New ABBA-related Books, Radio interview with Görel Hanser Part 2, Björn on Swedish Radio, Report: Chess in Concert, ABBA- Competition, Coloured Vinyls Part 2, Rare ABBA Posters Part 2   Back issue available 
52No. 52 Radio interview with Görel Hanser, Björn speaks about his memory, Mamma Mia! Competition, Special Report: Mamma Mia! The Movie Premieres, Rare ABBA Posters   Back issue available 
51No. 51 French TV Interview with Frida, Björn Interview in "Down Town", Special Report: ABBA in Greece, The 'Joepie' Story, Songbook "Belle / Time", Reader's Story, ABBA- Competition   Back issue available 
50No. 50 Mamma Mia! Premiere in Barcelona, Interviews with Björn and Frida, Mamma Mia! Premiere in Berlin, BAO Live - Or how to create a Swedish Folk Park indoors, ABBA - Picture Discs, ABBA- Competition   Back issue available 
49No. 49 Mamma Mia! Premiere in Essen, The Original ABBA Orchestra on Tour in Sweden, Big Interview with Björn, Mamma Mia! in Spain, ABBA - Coloured Vinyls, Marie Ledin goes her own way, Songbook "Money, Money, Money / Crazy World", Mamma Mia! in Sweden - Interview with Niklas Riesbeck, ABBA- Competition.
This was the first issue released all in colour!
  Back issue available 
48No. 48 Last Mamma Mia! performance in Stockholm, Hyllning till Benny - A "Classical" Celebration Concert, Chess in Dutch - Past and Present, Moberg met the real Kristina, Interview with Björn, TV Appearances 1979: "Swap Shop", ABBA- Competition, Songbooks / Song Sheets, Reader's Stories    
47No. 47 Full report on Mamma Mia! in Russia, Review about the book Mamma Mia!, Interview with Anne Sofie von Otter, Interview with Elaine Paige, Interview with cast members of Belgian Mamma Mia!, Songbook "Disillusion / Mina ögon", Reader's Story, two big competitions for all ABBA- members    
46No. 46 Björn and Benny in Belgium, ABBA Greatest Hits Anniversary Competition, Mamma Mia! hits Belgium Part 2, Exclusive Interview with Björn, BAO at the Hotel Rival, Interview with Peter Cetera, Songbook: "Ett liv i solen / Var är min clown", Reader's Story, ABBA in the Soviet Union    
45No. 45 Interview with Björn, Mamma Mia! hits Belgium, Svenne & Lotta Still Going Strong, Tim Rice at Belgian Film Festival, Interview with Bruce Gaitsch, At The Table With Björn, Songbook "Get On The Carousel", Frida Competition  
44No. 44 Björn about Fate, Interview with Eric Stewart, Björn in Brussels after 25 Years, Hootenanny Singers Reunion, Reader's Story, Memorabilia Part 12: The Songbooks, ABBA- Competition    
43No. 43 15th Anniversary Issue!
Mamma Mia! Premiere in Stockholm, Book "ABBA - Ihre Ganze Geschichte", New Agnetha Interview, Book "Det var dans i Folkets Park", Interview with Mike Chapman, ABBA's Spanish Singles, ABBA- Competition. The issue included an ABBA postcard with a previously unpublished photo!
42No. 42 ABBA's Success in Germany, Mamma Mia! Premiere in Madrid, My Colouring Book - Interview, Frida & Jon Lord - The Sun Will Shine Again, Agnetha Documentary, TV Appearances in Spain, The Memorabilia Part 11: Music Sheets, ABBA- Competition    
41No. 41 Agnetha Fältskog - My Colouring Book, Mamma Mia! 5 Years, Songbook "Waterloo" (English, Swedish, German, French), Interview with Wolfgang Heilemann, Mamma Mia! in Stuttgart, Frida & Dan Daniell - "Lieber Gott", Our Last Video Ever, Interview with Carl Magnus Palm, Big 30th Anniversary Competition    
40No. 40 The Dutch Premiere of Mamma Mia!, Songbook "The Winner Takes It All"/"Bravo tu as gagné", The Memorabilia Part 10: The Cards, ABBA- Competition, TV Appearances 1979: ABBA in Switzerland, Reader's Story, Mailbox    
39No. 39 Next Chess Move - towards the TV audience, Mamma Mia! Premiere in Las Vegas, The Memorabilia Part 9: The Cards, ABBA- Competition, TV Appearances 1978: Mike Yarwood Show, Songbook Benny & Björn "She's My Kind Of Girl"    
38No. 38 Chess på Svenska, Mamma Mia! in Hamburg - An Unforgettable Evening, Interview with Benny, The German Mamma Mia! Premiere, Songbook Agnetha "It's So Nice To Be Rich", "P & B", Björn on 'Beckmann', ABBA- Competition, TV Appearances 1978: Blue Peter, Reader's Story    
37No. 37 ABBA- Competition, Interview with Björn, ABBA in the Media, Benny Andersson och Orkester, The Memorabilia Part 8: The Cards, TV Appearances 1978: Am Laufenden Band, Thoughts on Agnetha's Comeback, Mailbag. This issue includes a 2003 calendar in colour!    
36No. 36 ABBA in the Media, CHESS in Sweden, CHESS in Germany, ABBA On Speaking Terms, Songbook Frida "Kom och sjung en sång" , "Vi är alla bara barn i början", Björn & Benny - Early Success in Japan, Reader's Story, The Memorabilia Part 7: Autograph Cards, ABBA- Competition  
35No. 35 Benny Andersson's Orchestra on TV, Interview with Benny, Mamma Mia! Broadway Premiere, Mamma Mia! After Show Party, ABBA- Competition, Frida Auction in Misery, Benny Andersson in Glasgow, Hootenanny Singers Special Part 2    
34No. 34 Benny Andersson's Orchestra Live In Concert, Benny CD Review, ABBA- Online, Greetings from Bubi Heilemann, TV Appearances 1978: Olivia Newton-John Show, The Memorabilia Part 6: Bubblegum Cards, Poem Competition, Songbook "Det kan ingen doktor hjälpa", "På bröllop", Reader's Story    
33No. 33 Interview with ABBA's tour arranger Thomas Johansson, Competition, Film reviews: "Sånger från andra våningen" & "Tillsammans" (Together), Mamma Mia News, Interview with Helen Sjöholm and Anders Ekborg, ABBA Discography France Part 2, Trackfinder Hootenanny Singers Part 1, Songbook "Just A Notion", "Is This What It Means To Love?" (Agnetha and her fans), Reader's Story    
32No. 32 ABBA's Greetings to our 10th anniversary, Mamma Mia News, TV Appearances 1976, The Memorabilia Part 5, Interview with Björn from "ABBA The Collection", Competition, ABBA Discography France Part 1, Songbook "I'm Still Alive"  
31No. 31 Mamma Mia! Premiere in Toronto, Björn - Freeman of Västervik, Frida speaks about mourning her husband, TV Appearances: ABBA in Australia, 10 Years of Competition, Linda Ulvaeus today. This first issue with a colour cover included a 2001 calendar in colour!  
30No. 30 10 Years of , CHESS in Baden-Baden, members in the media, The Complete Recording Sessions - Corrections & Updates, B & B Concert and chat with Benny. This anniversary issue included a free coloured page!  
29No. 29 New Year's Greetings by Björn & Benny, Kristina från Duvemåla in Jönköping, The Nordic Museum's ABBA Exhibition, Chart Info, Waterloo Singles Discography, The Day Before You Came, The Memorabilia Part 4, Mailbag, Reader's Story. This issue had a free ABBA photo!  
28No. 28 ABBA Together Again, Last night of Kristina från Duvemåla, I Have A Dream - ABBA in Rotterdam, Waterloo Competition, Millennium Competition, Agnetha in Germany, Interviews with Michael B. Tretow and Owe Sandström  
27No. 27 Mamma Mia!, Lisa Crane - Our English Correspondent/Competition, Competition, This Year's Winners: Björn & Benny, Interviews with Björn, Michael B. Tretow and Owe Sandström. This issue included a free promotional ABBA card with printed autographs.  
26No. 26 Kristina från Duvemåla News, Mamma Mia!, B & B Concert in Stockholm, Agnetha, Björn, Benny & Frida together at the same party in August 1998, Frida - How she managed to cope with her life, The National Commercials, The ABBA Memorabilia Part 3, Mailbag, Reader's Story, Songbook "Hej gamle man" & "Lycka"  
25No. 25 Agnetha Fältskog - That's Me, Frida News, The TV Appearances of ABBA in 1976, The Memorabilia Part 2, Agnetha in Germany Part 3, Mailbag, Meeting with Frida, Songbook "Ring Ring" (Spanish & Swedish), ABBA Fan Meeting, members in the media, Reader's Story, Gallery  
24No. 24 Benny & Björn about the success and future of Kristina från Duvemåla, Stockholm opening night of Kristina från Duvemåla, Swedish Chart Positions, Risiko, The TV Appearances, The Memorabilia, Agnetha in Germany Part 2, Mailbag, Reader's Story, members in the media, Review of Kristina från Duvemåla CD  
23No. 23 Stig "Stikkan" Anderson, Details about Kristina från Duvemåla, Interview with Björn, First ABBA Fan Meeting, ABBA TV Appearances, Swedish Chart Positions, The Mono Music Discography, Agnetha Fältskog in Germany, Mailbag  
22No. 22 Chess in Concert, Björn Ulvaeus in Finland, Frida received gold medal "Jagen und Fischen", First ABBA Fan Meeting, TV Appearances of ABBA, Djupa Andetag - Deep Breaths, Anni-Frid Lyngstad Discography Part 2, Mailbag, Reader's Story, Kristina från Duvemåla Impressions. This issue included a free coloured page!  
21No. 21 Benny 50, Details about the Kristina från Duvemåla 3 CD Set, More Details about Kristina från Duvemåla & Latest News, Swedish Chart Positions, Kristina från Duvemåla in Minnesota, Success for Frida and Kristina but....., Frida - Djupa Andetag, Frida talks, Frida in Finland, Half an hour with Frida, Engharts med Agnetha Fältskog, Agnetha's Intro to My Love My Life, Mailbag, ABBA Exhibition, Readers in the media, ABBA Art  
20No. 20 Även en blomma, Frida's Greetings, Frida on Swedish TV, åh Kristina, The story behind Agnetha Fältskog's memoirs, Som Jag Är - The Way I Am, A few great days in Gothenburg, Details about Kristina från Duvemåla, ABBA Alive - An ABBA tribute Band from Germany, Voulez-Vous, ABBA's Last European Concert, ABBA in Munich 1979  
19No. 19 Kristina från Duvemåla Gothenburg Premiere, ABBA Exhibition at the Music Museum, Chart Info Finland, Thoughts before the premiere, TV Appearances of ABBA, Chess in Concert, Anni-Frid Lyngstad Discography Part 1, Meetings with Agnetha, Mailbag, Questions to Björn and Benny, Songbook "Copy Love" & "Mio min Mio", ABBA Art, Reader's Story    
18No. 18 Kristina från Duvemåla Premiere, ABBA - Their Television Performances, Attention to all readers of , ABBA Discography from South Africa, My meeting with Björn & Benny, Songbook "Givin' A Little Bit More", "Baby", "Midnight Special", "Burning My Bridges", "Rikky Rock'n'Roller", "Pick A Bale Of Cotton", "Fernando", "Crying Over You", "Just A Notion", "Free As A Bumble Bee", "Here Comes Rubie Jamie", Reader's Story, Mailbag, Top 25, Greetings from Frida for 's 5th anniversary, ABBA Art    
17No. 17 5 Years of , Kristina från Duvemåla, Tim Rice in his own words, Chess in Holland, Chess in Uppsala, 10 Years of Chess, Interview with Görel Hanser, Your Top 19 of ABBA's unreleased songs, ABBA Songbook "Put On Your White Sombrero", "Hamlet III" & "Rubber Ball Man", Meeting with Benny, ABBA Revival Band, When I met Frida, ABBA Chart Info, Reader's Story, ABBA Art, Mailbag    
16No. 16 ABBA Holiday in Stockholm, Exclusive Interview with Benny, Thank You For The Music Review, Wonderful meeting with Agnetha in July, The Mini-ABBA's, Mailbag    
15No. 15 Frida at Swedish Queen Silvia's 50th birthday, Meeting with Benny, Meeting with Björn, Benny and Agnetha, More than "just" a fan?, Discography from South Africa, Reader's Story, Mailbag, Reader's Page, Art    
14No. 14 Fram för svenska sommaren...., Meeting with Frida, Meeting with Benny, Josefin Nilsson Competition, ABBA's Finest in Kassel - Disillusion, ABBA in South Africa, needs your help, The Book Part 11, Mailbag, Reader's Story, Gallery, Songbook "Simsalabim" & "Vi möts igen"    
13No. 13 Meeting with Björn & Benny in Stockholm, Josefin Nilsson Competition, Meeting with Agnetha, ABBA Revival Band in Glandorf, ABBA Gold / More ABBA Gold - and where are the fans staying?, The Book Part 10, Radio Survey, ABBA Art, Songbook "Just Like That", Reader's Page    
12No. 12 Benny on the phone, Björn Again in concert, ABBA Look-in, Frida Trackfinder, What was that song called?, Meeting with Björn & Benny, The Book Part 9, Songbook "Ring Ring" (German) & "Wer im Wartesaal der Liebe steht", Gallery, Reader's Story    
11No. 11 ABBA Gold, Björn in his own words, The premiere of Saltwater, Musik på Borggården, Det Naturliga Steget, Unforgettable Stockholm Holidays, Agnetha Fältskog stands alone, The Book Part 8, Reader's Story, Reader's Page  
10No. 10 Patric Perque Music, Meeting with Frida, ABBA Remixes, ABBA The Laser Discs, Hep Stars Trackfinder, The Book Part 7, Reader's Story, Reader's Page, Gallery    
9No. 9 Report on "The Munich Philharmonic Orchestra plays ABBA Classic", Interview with Michael B. Tretow, Report on Frida's "Shine" Part 2, The Book Part 6, Mailbag    
8No. 8 Björn Interview, Report of Frida's "Shine", Report on Björn Again, Chart Infos, The Book Part 5, Songbook "Merry-Go-Round", Reader's Story    
7No. 7 ABBA Remixes, Chess in Leksand, Frida in "Dabrowski", Meeting with Benny, Björn Again Special, ABBA The Elusive Collection, Chart Infos, The Book Part 4, Songbook "Golliwog" & "Here For Your Love", Mailbag    
6No. 6 Utvandrarna (review of the books), Chess in concert, ABBA Special on TV, Artistgala på Östermalmstorg, Chart Infos, Chart Positions in Australia, The Arrival of Björn Again, The Book Part 3, Agnetha Trackfinder, The early songs by Björn & Benny, Songbook "Love Has Its Ways" & "Rock'n'Roll Band", Letters    
5No. 5 Benny's "Fågelsång i Sverige" and "Fiolen min", Report on Björn Again, Utvandrarna, The Book Part 2, Songbook "Dreamworld", Reader's Story, Letters    
4No. 4 Quiz, Report on Agnetha's "I Stand Alone", ABBA in East Germany, The Book Part 1, Review of "November 1989", Review of Chess, Meeting with Benny, Songbook "Nu är det jul igen", "Vi äro musikanter", "Nu tändas tusen juleljus", "Hej tomtegubbar", "Bjällerklang", Letters, Poster of Agnetha    
3No. 3 Benny & Orsa Spelmän Concerts, Chess in Bristol, Live in the palace of Mallorca (Report on "Flames"), Discography from Holland, ABBA Live in Concert, The Visitors (Report on Agnetha's 40th birthday), Songbook "Hovas vittne", Letters, Japanese Memorabilia    
2No. 2 Presentation of Michael Price, Chess UK Tour, Meeting with Agnetha, Chess in Australia, Chess in Skellefteå, Another Meeting with Agnetha, Björn & Benny, Reader's Story, Songbook "Sång till Görel", Quiz, Letters, Collector's Corner    
1No. 1 Presentation of the editors themselves - Adriaan and Regina, Benny's "November 1989", Discography from Argentina, Meeting with Björn, ABBA Trackfinder, Collector's Corner, Songbook "I am an A"    

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