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After getting lots of mails because of Benny's latest interviews, we asked Görel Hanser from ABBA's management for news.
She said there is no confirmed date for the publication of the two new ABBA songs - PROBABLY they will be released in 2020.
The planned Avatar tour (ABBAtar Tour) will probably start in 2021.
But she emphasized that all this has not been confirmed.
The Day Before You Came

December 11, 2019
  • French/German TV ARTE will show the documentary ABBA forever on January 10, 2020 at 22:05 local time.
    Thanks to Martin Schneider!

December 2, 2019
  • Agnetha's first album "Agnetha" will be re-released on CD on January 10, 2020.
    Special thanks to Peter Kauczor!

  • Maite Kelly and Roland Kaiser presented their song "Klinget hell ihr Glocken" at the Adventsshow in German TV on Saturday. Björn sent in a lovely message, recorded with his mobile phone. You can watch it here.

  • Björn said in a German interview that the two new ABBA songs will be published in 2020. Here is a newspaper article with a text released in several other papers as well.

November 22, 2019
  • The Consulate General of Sweden and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong arrange the event Swedish Winter Dinner at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club on December 10.
    Benny will make a special guest appearance and musical artist Niklas Asknergård will perform.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Swedish Winter Dinner in Hong Kong

November 18, 2019
  • Björn Ulvaeus presented a new project which premieres on 26 June 2020 at Cirkus in Stockholm - 'Pippi at Cirkus', a magnificent musical circus show based on Astrid Lindgren's beloved story about Pippi Longstocking.
    Lyrics are written by Björn Ulvaeus to music by Sister Luc-Gabrielle, Vasilij Solovjov-Sedoj amongst others - and previously released instrumental music by Benny Andersson!
    As of 25 November 2019 you can get your tickets on .
    More on this new project will be published in the next issue of .

    Pippi at Cirkus - © Micke Bayart

November 15, 2019
  • Frida's Birthday

  • Mamma Mia! The Musical will return to Operettenhaus in Hamburg in October 2020 for one year. After its premiere in Hamburg on 3rd November 2002, it was a big success at Operettenhaus for 5 years with more shows running in Germany in Stuttgart, Essen, Oberhausen and Berlin.

  • Here is an article about Björn and the company Pop House, who bought the Hasselbacken hotel on Djurgården (where amongst other great spots ABBA The Museum & the venues Circus, Skansen and Gröna Lund are located). The article is in Swedish only.

November 14, 2019
  • This limited edition single will be released on the 6th December 2019 on 7" vinyl to celebrate New Year 2020. Featuring ABBA's "Happy New Year" and "Felicidad", and pressed on clear vinyl, numbered, with a limited run of 4000 copies!

    Happy New Year - Clear vinyl limited edition
    Happy New Year - Clear vinyl limited edition

  • Maite Kelly and Roland Kaiser will perform their song "Klinget Hell Ihr Glocken" (German version of 'Klinga Mina Klockor') on 30th November 2019 at ARD Adventsfest with Florian Silbereisen, shown on German ARD TV at 20:15 local time.

November 6, 2019
  • Our new ABBA Fan Club Magazine No. 88 has been printed and is on its way to all members. Look forward to 36 A4 pages in colour with exclusive photos in unique quality. As always, the issue includes all news, special reports, exclusive unpublished photos plus a great poster with an exclusive unpublished photo of ABBA from their surprise concert in Landskrona in May 1979.

    • News Extra with all the news
    • Special report: Es ist doch viel schöner zu zwein - 30 Years on from German Reunification
    • Special report about ABBA's Concert in Landskrona in May 1979 with exclusive interview by photographer Eje Sjölander and many unpublished photos
    • Reader's Story about a meeting with ABBA in Munich on October 27, 1979
    • BAO 2019 Concert report
    • Mamma Mia! The Party - Opening in London
    • 50 Years - Special Songbook with songs by Agnetha Fältskog
    • Competition

    and much more!

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  • Thomas Johansson, legendary concert arranger at EMA Telstar and Live Nation has worked with most major Swedish and international artists for decades. He has not been willing to write a book about his career, though many, including Björn Ulvaeus, have persuaded him to do one. Now he finally surprises us with a book, Rock'n'Roll Circus, which he has written together with Expressen's Mats Olsson.
    The book is no traditional biography, it is about concerts and music. Johansson has kept set lists of the concerts he has produced. 25 set lists were chosen and Johansson and Olsson tell backstage stories behind them. Like how the arranger of Roxette's Paraguay concert had sold 40.000 tickets for the arena of 30.000. And how the Nobel Prize which Bob Dylan refused to accept finally got delivered to him.
    Thomas Johansson has not wanted to write any scandal book about artists. As Björn writes in the opening words of "Rock'n'Roll Circus", Thomas Johansson would never take up confidential things.
    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Thomas Johanssons Rock'n'Roll Circus

  • On October 23rd Björn announced at a press conference that Mamma Mia! The Party will premiere in Gothenburg at the restaurant Rondo on 28 August next year.
    More on the venue Rondo can be found here. It belongs to the Liseberg amusement park and is located next to the main entry.

    Mamma Mia! The Party in Gothenburg 2020

  • Maite Kelly & Roland Kaiser have released a German version of the song "Klinga Mina Klockor" composed by Benny with lyrics by Björn before Christmas. It is called "Klinget hell ihr Glocken". The idea to present this masterpiece in a German Christmas version came from the German lyricist Rudolf Müssig, who told Björn Ulvaeus about this. Björn was so enthusiastic about this idea that he immediately wrote the first German lyrics draft. Together with Rudolf Müssig Björn finalized the version. The song is available since November 1, 2019 on the new edition of Maite Kelly's album "Die Liebe siegt sowieso – Die HERZ Edition" and on Roland Kaiser's album "Alles oder Dich" (limited Super Deluxe Edition).

October 9, 2019
  • Björn's reflections on Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

  • Mamma Mia! The Musical had its third premiere in Berlin on September 9 at Theater des Westens. This fantastic musical will run until February 2020.
    Mamma Mia! The Musical in Berlin

September 27, 2019
  • Here is an interview with Björn about Mamma Mia! The Party he gave in London for the Swedish channel TV4.

  • The opening of Mamma Mia! The Party in London took place on September 19.
    Björn and Benny, both in good humour, gave many press interviews on the blue carpet. During the party Björn shortly appeared in his original outfit from the 1977 tour - greatly appreciated by the audience. At the end of the party Björn came on stage again to thank everyone - this time in a 'normal' outfit. A complete report and more photos will follow in the next issue.
    Björn & Benny - Photo: Micke Bayart
    Björn in costume - Photos: Micke Bayart
    Photos: Micke Bayart /

September 26, 2019
  • CHESS på svenska will be performed 10 times at the Helsingborg Arena between June 5 and July 12, 2020. Release date for tickets is October 10. Arena capacity will be about 2.000 persons. The director is Sven Strömersten Holm and the conductor is Ulf Wadenbrandt. The role of Florence will be casted at auditions in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg during autumn and the full cast announcement also takes place this autumn.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

September 14, 2019
  • A few years ago Benny and Ludvig produced the film Cirkeln. It was directed by Levan Akin, whose new film "And then we danced" (with Ludvig as executive producer) is Sweden's entry for the Academy Awards/Oscars. Benny attended the gala premiere on September 9 in Stockholm. ABBA music is heard in the film and Akin tells in Expressen that they got to use it for free. In the morning when the interview has been done, Benny had phoned Levan Akin telling he had liked the film and wants to meet him soon to drink coffee and talk more about the film.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!
    Benny - Photo: TT
    Photo: TT

  • Agnetha's album "När en vacker tanke blir en sång" will be released on CD on October 25.
    Thanks to Peter Kauczor!
    När en vacker tanke blir en sång

September 5, 2019
  • Norwegian film director Jarle Eskedal has made a 35 minutes long documentary (called Gnisten) about Janne Schaffer. Björn appears in the documentary which has its Swedish premiere on September 29 at Nalen in Stockholm. After the screening follows a concert with a bit of ABBA music. Gnistan will be shown on SVT Play during Christmas season.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

August 30, 2019
  • The business community Creative House in Örebro, Sweden launches the new event Creative Talks. A successful entrepreneur tells his story about his experiences. First one on October 10 is Björn Ulvaeus who will share personal stories, anecdotes and insights. Niclas Molinder, a long time friend and business partner of Björn will be asking interesting questions. The event will be filmed and then shared in the web.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

August 27, 2019
  • TT has interviewed Björn at O2 in London during the preparations for MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY. Björn says that in the entertainment world you are seen nowhere if you are not seen in London or New York. If The Party is a success in London it will be taken to Las Vegas for the next. Then Hamburg or Düsseldorf. It is not decided in which order the next places will follow, but on the list are cities like Sao Paul, Tokyo and Moscow and countries like South Africa, Australia, China and South Korea. About the avatars Björn says that next year they will be seen on video and it will be in connection with the new songs. About the future of the Cirkus theatre Björn tells that probably already in October there will be big news which include theatre and spectacular things outdoors.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

August 21, 2019
  • The New York Times had a great report about Benny and BAO.

  • One of Sweden's biggest film hits at Christmas is expected to be "En del av mitt hjärta" with songs from the back catalogue of Tomas Ledin. The film has been presented on Monday. Ledin tells that he spoke a little about the project with Björn Ulvaeus. There will be an attempt to distribute the film also outside Sweden. Björn has written English lyrics to some of the songs while Andreas Carlsson did most of them. The film cast has recently recorded the English versions.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

August 12, 2019
  • The Swedish newspapers Aftonbladet and Expressen have quoted an interview with Benny talking about the planned Avatar tour:
    "If it happens, then somewhere in 2021. The requirements have changed. I can't say much about that." He also says that the two new ABBA songs are not finally mixed.

July 25, 2019
  • Many thanks to Anja Bruns for these photos from BAO's concert in Gothenburg!

    BAO concert in Gothenburg
    BAO concert in Gothenburg

  • BAO's tour started in Gothenburg today. Special thanks to Mike Wellner for sending these lovely photos from BAO's rehearsal this afternoon:
    BAO rehearsal in Gothenburg
    BAO rehearsal in Gothenburg
    BAO rehearsal in Gothenburg

July 18, 2019
  • In a video clip from SVT Småland news Björn talks about how he sees the current situation of Visfestivalen in Västervik. It has become just what he dreamt it to be. Castle ruins are packed and there are lots of people around it, a record number of boats in the marina and people are also listening in their boats. As for the future of the festival, Björn hopes that his colleagues and friends from abroad would come to Västervik. He will do his best but he knows from experience that it is hard to get international stars to Västervik because there is no airport.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

July 8, 2019
  • Our new ABBA Fan Club Magazine No. 87 has been printed and is on its way to all members. Look forward to 36 A4 pages in colour with exclusive photos in unique quality. As always, the issue includes all news, special reports, exclusive unpublished photos plus a great poster with an exclusive unpublished photo of ABBA from the Voulez-Vous photo session 1979.

    • News Extra with all the news
    • Special report: ABBA in Concert in Zürich 1979 - Part 3
    • Reader's Story
    • Exclusive Interview with Alexandra Charles: Voulez-Vous - An Undercover Story
    • Special report: The Game Of The Name Part 5
    • Hans Arnold: The Most Surrealistic ABBA Album Cover: Greatest Hits
    • The long and winding road to a proper short band name
    • Competition
    • 50 Years - Special Songbook with songs by Björn Ulvaeus

    and much more!

    Like always, we are looking forward to your feedback in our guestbook, on Facebook and via mail.





July 4, 2019
  • Säffleoperan has announced the cast of CHESS på svenska.
    • Anatolij: Joel Zerpe
    • Florence: Elisabeth Rustad
    • Freddie: Jonas Wåhlin
    • Svetlana: Jenny Norén
    • The Arbiter: Kaj Hagstrand
    • Molokov: Thomas Khilström

    CHESS will open at Säffleoperan on October 5, 2019. Directed by Johan Hwatz (CHESS ensemble and Freddie understudy in Helsinki, Arvid in Kristina från Duvemåla in Stockholm).
    Already 90% of the tickets have been sold and three extra performances have been added.

  • On July 20, Björn will be attending Move Me (Music Film Nights by the sea) in his home town Västervik talking about the late Swedish singer Ted Gärdestad.
    He will be joined on stage by Janne Schaffer and Hannes Holm, whose film about Ted will be shown.

  • Benny and Lars Rudolfsson have given an interview for newspapers in the area of Eskilstuna.
    Benny and Lars Rudolfsson
    Benny and Lars Rudolfsson
    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen!

June 21, 2019
  • The Swedish paper 'Aftonbladet' published a statement from Benny who denies recent rumours about an entire new ABBA album, which made the news in a British newspaper.
    The previously announced two new songs are likely to be released some time later during the year.
    We will keep you updated.

  • Swedish newspaper 'Dagens Nyheter' revealed some more facts on 'Mamma Mia! The Party':
    • London premiere 19 September 2019
    • Hamburg most likely around Easter 2020
    • Las Vegas most likely during autumn 2020

    keeps you updated!

  • German Heel Company has produced another wonderful ABBA Calendar for 2020. Stay tuned for ABBA No. 87.
    We will have a couple of calendars in our prize competition then.
    Heel ABBA Calendar 2020

  • You may remember that we had an article on Susie Webb and her brilliant album "Bossa Loves ABBA" a couple of issues ago. Here is a wonderful video of her singing "Knowing me knowing you" in bossa style.
    We are happy to say that this video was produced by Ophelia Van Wijmeersch, daughter of Stany Van Wijmeersch of the great books "We all love ABBA" and "Let's talk about ABBA". We met Ophelia 10 years ago at the blue carpet of "Mamma Mia!" in Essen when she already did a lot of filming. Now she has grown up to a beautiful lady and can be proud of what she did! Well done!

May 24, 2019
  • As announced in our last issue ABBA No. 86, our members Bé Annen (Netherlands) and Ralf Hendricks (Germany) worked together on a Dutch TV program called "Verzamelkoorts". This program will be broadcasted on Monday, May 27, 2019 at 9:30 PM.

    Photo © Bé Annen
    Photo © Bé Annen
    Photos © Bé Annen

May 9, 2019
  • Mono Music AB just announced the new CD "Bästa Låtarna" by Benny Anderssons Orkester, Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg.
    It will be released on June 14, the vinyl edition will come a bit later.

    Track list:
    • 1    Cirkus Finemang
    • 2    Lyckan kommer, lyckan går (New)
    • 3    Vår sista dans
    • 4    Det är vi ändå
    • 5    Du är min man
    • 6    Fait Accompli
    • 7    En dag i sänder
    • 8    Nu mår jag mycket bättre
    • 9    Story Of A Heart
    • 10    En natt i Köpenhamn
    • 11    Om du var jag (New)

April 25, 2019
  • Best Wishes to Björn's Birthday

April 24, 2019
  • "I Have A Dream" - Child Convention For School Levels
    An unique collaboration between ABBA The Museum and the national school project Make Music Matter will give students throughout the country in Sweden the opportunity to learn about Swedish music history and their own rights at the same time. The collaboration is in 2019-2020 and has the name "Make Music Matter! I Have A Dream".
    This year, the ABBA song "I Have a Dream" fills 40 years (album Voulez Vous, release 23 / 4-1979) while the Convention on the Rights of the Child celebrates 30 years.
    Through the collaboration "Make Music Matter! I Have A Dream", students in the school inspired by the Convention on the Rights of the Child express their dreams by creating their own songwriter to the song "I Have A Dream". During the Children's Convention Day, November 20, 2019, at ABBA The Museum, students will then be presented with their musical interpretations of the song.
    All four ABBA members support this collaboration.
    - It is a fantastic opportunity to do this together with ABBA The Museum 2019-2020. Make Music Matter! I Have A Dream "focuses on children's dreams and rights, while musical creativity, entrepreneurship and digitality are central areas of knowledge in the project. Through the project, the students also develop their knowledge of ABBA, a group whose music has been and still is very important for Swedish music around the world", says Göran Nikolausson, project manager for Make Music Matter! I Have A Dream, Linnaeus University.
    The school project Make Music Matter! I Have A Dream starts in early September 2019 and continues until 2020.
    Photo © ABBA The Museum
    Photo © ABBA The Museum

  • BBC Radio 2 broadcasted a programme called "Let's ABBA Party" yesterday.
    BBC Radio 2's special programme Let's ABBA Party (12pm-2pm), presented by Nicki Chapman, revealed that ABBA's 1976 album Arrival, which features hit songs such as Dancing Queen, Knowing Me Knowing You and Money, Money, Money is the band's best-selling studio album in the UK to date.
    The programme, which also featured brand new interviews with Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, revealed a specially commissioned chart, ranking the UK sales of ABBA's eight studio albums, from Waterloo to The Visitors.
    Speaking on the programme, ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus said: "I have to say when I learned that Arrival was the best-selling ABBA album – apart from ABBA Gold of course - I was quite surprised. I didn't think it would be that one. But on the other hand it is the first complete album we did, I think, after winning Eurovision. We suddenly had complete artistic freedom. And on Arrival, as with the albums that came after, every single song was written for that particular album... The Arrival album is definitely one of the best. The sleeve is photographed in an airfield very close to Stockholm. I don't know if we ever took off in that helicopter or not!"
    Listen to the programme here.

  • Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, ABBA's Voulez-Vous will be reissued as a multi-format release on June 14th!
    Watch the trailer here.
    Singles box Voulez-Vous extended dance mix Voulez-Vous picture disc Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! picture disc Summer Night City picture disc Half speed master version I Have A Dream picture disc

April 6, 2019
  • ABBA On Record – Packaged Promoted Reviewed by Carl Magnus Palm widens the scope of the author's most recent book, the critically acclaimed and award-winning "ABBA – The Complete Recording Sessions", by taking a look at what happened with ABBA's music once it had left the recording studio: single by single, album by album. It will present the stories behind the iconic album sleeves, explore how the record companies worked with ABBA releases in presenting them to the record-buying public, show what kind of success – or lack thereof – they enjoyed, and present a selection of review excerpts to give a flavour of how the singles and albums were received by the media at the time.

    The book also features supplementary sections. Perhaps the most exciting of these examines the contents of several hours of tapes from the archives of Michael B. Tretow, ABBA's trusted sound engineer. Tretow's on-the-side tapes captured in real time what was going on during a recording session, and these revelatory tapes also feature alternate versions of familiar songs, along with previously unheard tunes that were never recorded properly.
    To learn more and to order your copy, please visit

    Book 'ABBA on Record'
    Thanks to Carl Magnus Palm!

  • "Om du var jag" is the first single from the upcoming album "Bästa låtarna" by Benny Anderssons Orkester.

    Release date: April 5
    Singer: Helen Sjöholm
    Music: Benny Andersson, lyrics: Björn Ulvaeus
    Producer: Benny Andersson
    A Mono Music production - MMCD S-148

    You can listen to it on Spotify.

April 5, 2019
  • Best Wishes to Agnetha

April 3, 2019
  • Björn said in an interview for Danish newspaper "Ekstra Bladet" that the new ABBA songs will be released in autumn. It took them a lot of time to work on the video with avatars of the four for the song.
    See also German articles about it here and here.

    Special thanks to Michael Düring and Martin Schneider!

April 2, 2019
  • This autumn, a tribute concert series, honouring Benny and Björn's music, will be touring Sweden. Gunilla Backman, Kalle Moraeus and Johan Boding are part of the show "Thank you for the music" and perform music by B&B from not only the ABBA period but also the pre- and post-ABBA time.

    The following cities are planned for the tour:
    25/10 Halmstad, 26/10 Helsingborg, 27/10 Växjö, 30/10 Linköping, 31/10 Kalmar, 1/11 Karlskrona, 2/11 Norrköping, 3/11 Karlstad, 6/11 Stockholm, 7/11 Gävle, 8/11 Örebro, 8/11 Falun, 10/11 Sundsvall, 13/11 Luleå, 14/11 Skellefteå, 15/11 Umeå, 16/11 Härnösand, 17/11 Bollnäs, 20/11 Göteborg, 21/11 Kungsbacka, 22/11 Lund, 23/11 Jönköping, 24/11 Uppsala.

    More info (only in Swedish, though) for tickets on

March 24, 2019
  • Björn has given an interview to MTF-Director Andrew Dubber. He talked about his career, music production gear, digital avatars, the downsides of fame, the role of technology in creativity etc.
    Listen to the interview here.
    Photo ©
    Photo ©

March 23, 2019
  • The tribute band AbbaMania The Show performed on Friday at the Gerry Weber Stadium. You had an excellent view from absolutely every seat of this fantastic show. Special highlights were the "Acoustic Medley", the "Symphonic Medley", and especially "I'm A Marionette", a real goosebump moment. Saxophone player Ulf Andersson and guitarist Janne Schaffer (both performing on some original ABBA recordings) were announced as highlights, but the true stars of the evening were the singers Maria Höglund ("Frida") and Ulrika Maria Gustafson ("Agnetha") with their wonderful voices and performances. Jonas Gideon ("Björn") showed his effort while Andreas Maurer ("Benny") somehow seemed not to be present. The audience was enthusiastic and the second act was full of well-deserved standing ovations!
    The band is now touring until March 24, 2019 and will return to Germany, Austria and Switzerland in May 2020.
    AbbaMania The Show
    AbbaMania The Show
    Photos: ABBA Fan Club

  • Josefin and Marie Nilsson's Hej och hå, kan du älska mej ändå will be released as a digital single by Mono Music in the end of March. The song was written for the sisters' last show together, SYSTRARNA SISTERS, in 2015.
    In the press release Marie Nilsson tells that they have performed the 1990 classic Älska Mej (written by Benny and Marie) at countless weddings, funerals and christenings during the years. When working with SYSTRARNA SISTERS the Nilsson sisters felt that maybe they should write a kind of Älska Mej 2. Their dear friend Benny wrote a melody that suited perfectly for Marie and Josefin. Marie writes that Benny has stood for Josefin and her all the time, even during their very hardest times in life. Recording of "Hej och hå, kan du älska mej ändå" took place at Mono Music Studio in February 2015, a week before the premiere of the show. Josefin sang lead vocals, Benny and Marie the backing vocals and Bernard Löhr recorded. The session felt fun and easy. SYSTRARNA SISTERS was played 54 times at a sold out regional theatre of Visby. Josefin Nilsson passed away on February 29, 2016.

    Swedish TV's "K Special" has made a documentary about the life of Josefin Nilsson. "Hej och hå, kan du älska mej ändå" will be heard in the programme. "K Special" comes to SVT Play on Friday 22 when Josefin would have become 50 years old, and will be seen on TV on March 29.
    You can download a PDF from Mono Music.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

March 7, 2019
  • Special thanks to Görel Hanser, ABBA's management, who told us that they have no comments about Björn mentioning to Dan Wootton that he and Benny are writing new songs for ABBA.
    Görel told us that the release info will be posted on ABBA's social media in due course.

March 1, 2019
  • Our new ABBA Fan Club Magazine No. 86 has been printed and is on its way to all members. Look forward to 36 A4 pages in colour with exclusive photos in unique quality. As always, the issue includes all news, special reports, exclusive unpublished photos plus a great poster with an exclusive unpublished photo of ABBA from March 1980 in Tokio, Japan.

    • News Extra with all the news
    • Competition
    • Special report about the 1973 tour
    • Special report about the press kits from the 1974 tour
    • Special report/Reader's story about the 1977 tour
    • Special report: The Game Of The Name Part 4
    • Special report: ABBA in Concert in Zürich 1979 - Part 2
    • 50 Years - Special Songbook with songs by Anni-Frid Lyngstad

    and much more!

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February 20, 2019
  • Agnetha's album "Som jag är" will be released on CD on March 15, 2019.
    Thanks to Peter Kauczor!
    Som jag är

February 4, 2019
  • As reported in our ABBA Fan Club magazine No. 85 (autumn 2018), the release of the two new ABBA songs will be delayed.
    "I still have faith in you" and "Don't shut me down" will probably be published in autumn 2019. The avatar project is more difficult than expected and may eventually start in 2020!

  • BAO will do a summer tour in 2019 again. Tickets can be purchased online from as well as

    • 25 July – Gothenburg, Trädgårdsföreningen
    • 26 July – Helsingborg, Sofiero
    • 27 July – Kalmar, Skälby Gård
    • 28 July – Linköping, Bergs slussar
    • 31 July – Leksand, Sammilsdalsgropen
    • 1 August – Eskilstuna, Sundbyholms slott
    • 2 August – Stockholm, Skansen
    • 3 August – Trosa, Tullgarns slott

  • ABBA The Museum has a announced a new temporary exhibition which opens on 6 April, 2019, taking you behind the scenes of the Mamma Mia! movies.

  • Tuesday saw the opening of Watson's Bar at Benny Andersson’s Hotel Rival in Stockholm.

    Benny Andersson at the Hotel Rival
    Photo: cawamedia

December 30, 2018
  • Säffleoperan's CHESS på svenska (premiere October 5, 2019) will be directed by Johan Hwatz. He played the role of Arvid in Kristina från Duvemåla at the Cirkus in Stockholm from 2015-2016. At present Hwatz is in the ensemble of CHESS på svenska in Helsinki. He is also understudy for the role of Freddie and has been doing that role quite often during the autumn season.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!
    Johan Hwatz, Benny Andersson - Photo © Pentti Koponen
    Photos: Johan Hwatz as Freddie in December and Benny at the press premiere in September - © Pentti Koponen

December 23, 2018
  • Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2019!

December 15, 2018
  • Benny's birthday

November 18, 2018
  • CHESS will come to Russia. The casting begins in November 2018 and the premiere and the first performances will happen in Novosibirsk in May 2019.
    In Moscow the premiere is planned for September 2019.

    Many thanks to Dmitry Shipov!

November 17, 2018
  • A limited edition of a 7" single Happy New Year / Felicidad will be released on white vinyl on December 7, 2018.

    Happy New Year / Felicidad Single

  • Säffleoperan in Sweden has released tickets for 33 performances of CHESS PÅ SVENSKA between October 5 and December 7, 2019. The director is hoped to be announced soon and casting begins in December/January.

    Photo: Benny arriving at the CHESS PÅ SVENSKA premiere in Helsinki in September 2018. © Pentti Koponen
    Benny in Helsinki - © Pentti Koponen

November 15, 2018
  • Frida's birthday

November 12, 2018
  • Our new ABBA Fan Club magazine has been printed and is on its way to all members. Look forward to 36 A4 pages in colour with exclusive photos in unique quality. As always, the issue includes all news, special reports, exclusive unpublished photos plus a great poster with an exclusive unpublished photo of ABBA from February 1978 in Bremen.

    • News Extra with all the news like Benny's visit in Berlin
    • Competition
    • Special report about the Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again premieres in Stockholm and London
    • Special report: The Game Of The Name Part 3
    • Special report: ABBA in Concert in Zürich 1979 - Part 1
    • Great Reader's Stories
    • Special report about ABBA's record break: The Train Back Home Again
    • 50 Years - Special Songbook with songs by Agnetha & Björn

    Like always, we are looking forward to your feedback in our guestbook and via mail.



November 5, 2018
  • The new ABBA songs will be released next year, probably in spring. The planned TV special is also scheduled for next year.

November 4, 2018
  • Tickets for Mamma Mia The Party in the UK.
    Thanks to Ronnie!

  • Säffleoperan in Sweden will present CHESS in autumn 2019. Tickets will be available from November 15, 2018.

  • On October 14, Benny received the award "Opus Night Classics". He was very touched, played "Chess" and once again "Thank you for the music" with the orchestra at the end of the show while the classical choir was singing. Here is a nice video from the rehearsals of "Thank you for the music".
    Benny at the OPUS award show - Photo © Regina Grafunder
    Photo © Regina Grafunder

    You will find more infos in our new ABBA Fan Club magazine No. 85, which will soon be released.

October 14, 2018
  • Benny's album with bonus tracks After Benny's highly successful album "Piano" (over 160,000 units sold worldwide), DG is releasing a new version with two exclusive bonus tracks – just in time for the gifting season!
    Prior to album release in November, the two new tracks "Money, Money, Money" and "Jag Hör" will be released digitally mid-October.

  • Congratulations to our ABBA member Friedhelm Ringen who won the pair of tickets for OPUS Klassik on Sunday. He will enjoy the show and After Show Party together with his wife.

  • German ZDF TV will show OPUS Klassik (with Benny) today from 22:15 - 0:15 local time.

    German RBB TV will repeat Happy Birthday ABBA (2014) on Friday, October 26 from 20:15 - 21:45.

  • Görel Hanser has confirmed that the two new ABBA songs "I Still Have Faith In You" and "Don't Shut Me Down" and the documentary will be released next year.

  • Björn talks about the new songs in an interview and in this newspaper article from the London Evening Standard.

October 9, 2018
  • Dear ABBA members,

    on Sunday, October 14, 2018 Benny will be in Berlin at the 'OPUS Klassik' (the successor of 'Echo') to receive an award for his album 'Piano'.

September 28, 2018
  • The Rolls Royce used for the LP cover 'ABBA' in 1975 will soon be on auction in Sweden.

  • Here are some more photos from the premiere of 'Lola' in Stockholm with Björn & Lena Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson on September 22.
    Lola premiere in Stockholm - Photo © Micke Bayart Lola premiere in Stockholm - Photo © Micke Bayart Lola premiere in Stockholm - Photo © Jürgen Joppich

September 21, 2018
  • Benny will receive the "OPUS Klassik" award for his album "Piano" in Berlin on October 14, 2018. The show, which is a successor of the "ECHO" award, will be recorded at the concert hall and shown on TV later in the evening.

  • A big Thank You goes to the ABBA tribute band 'ABBA Deluxe' for a fantastic summer concert with meet & greet for the ABBA fan club members. The band called us on stage again for "I have a dream". Please visit one of their ABBA Tribute Dinner Shows (dates listed at ).
    ABBA Deluxe in Essen - Photo © Reiner Wolf ABBA Deluxe in Essen - Photo © Reiner Wolf
    Photos: Reiner Wolf

  • Benny attended the press premiere of CHESS på svenska at Svenska Teatern in Helsinki on Friday. He went on stage briefly during the curtain call.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!
    Benny at CHESS in Helsinki - Photo © Pentti Koponen

  • Björn's book Björn’s latest book YOU ARE WHO YOU MEET is now exclusively available at Slottsholmen and some copies are signed by himself. He is writing about meetings that have inspired him.

    More info on
    resp. Instagram, slottsholmenvastervik

  • Swedish designer Efva Attling and Frida went to the wedding of Tomas Ledin's son on August 18.

    Frida and Efva Attling
    Photo: Efva Attling Instagram

August 19, 2018
  • Here is a link to order the new Danish version of the CHESS musical.
    Thanks to Maik!

August 10, 2018
  • Cher's album 'Dancing Queen' Warner Sweden announced today that Cher will release her ABBA tribute album 'Dancing Queen' at the end of September.

    "I've always liked ABBA and saw the original Mamma Mia musical on Broadway three times. After filming Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, I was reminded again of what great and timeless songs they wrote and started thinking 'why not do an album of their music?' The songs were harder to sing than I imagined but I'm so happy with how the music came out. I'm really excited for people to hear it. It's a perfect time.” - Cher

    Listen to 'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!' by clicking on this link.

    Cher has recorded the following songs:
    • 1. Dancing Queen
    • 2. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
    • 3. The Name Of The Game
    • 4. SOS
    • 5. Waterloo
    • 6. Mamma Mia
    • 7. Chiquitita
    • 8. Fernando
    • 9. The Winner Takes It All
    • 10. One Of Us

  • Benny recently joined the cast of CHESS in Helsinki, Finland, and enjoyed hearing the latest version of his, Björn's and Tim Rice's musical.
    Here's a link to an interview in Swedish where he is talking about CHESS in the Finnish capital.

  • Josh Garside sent us a picture with ABBA's most sung words:
    ABBA's most sung words

July 16, 2018
  • On Wednesday, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again was exclusively shown in Stockholm followed by an after party.
    Present were members from the cast as well as Benny and Björn who all enjoyed the enthusiastic applause and cheers from the audience.

    Mamma Mia 2 in Stockholm

July 5, 2018
  • Here is a link to a new project by Björn related to his hometown Västervik.
    On this video we could see something about the new project Björn is working on... This is about Västervik, Björn's homeland, and as he said, he is trying to give something back to this city where he lived maybe the most happiest time of his life... "a stage for new generations" Björn said... so on the video we could see Pat Vale (Artist from Bristol UK living in NYC) showing some drawings to Björn to ilustrate all those people Björn met during his lifetime, a new project we will hear more in the future, that's for sure.

  • Harold Hanlon has started a petition to release the Musikladen TV special "The Best of ABBA" on DVD.
    Please support his campaign.

July 1, 2018
  • On Sunday July 15, German TV will show:

    • RTL    10:30 - Documentary about Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, in German cinemas from July 19
    • RTL2   20:15 - Mamma Mia! the movie from 2008
    • RTL2   22:25 - Pop-Giganten - ABBA documentary from 2017

June 8, 2018
  • The official ABBA Facebook page has posted these two photos from the recording session of the two new ABBA songs by the ABBA members. The photos were taken by Görel Hanser.

    ABBA in the studio - © Görel Hanser
    ABBA in the studio - © Görel Hanser

June 4, 2018
  • After the whole ABBA team has been heavily working on the new issue No. 84, we are happy to already present you the new magazine!
    It is now being mailed to all fan club members worldwide. The issue is filled with exclusive interviews with Björn and others, previously unpublished photos and special reports. Look forward to 36 colour pages in A4 size in unique quality!

    • News Extra with all new releases, ABBA news, Benny, Björn, ABBA related artists
    • Competition with great exclusive prizes
    • ABBA - They're Back: Special report with all details about the brand new ABBA Songs
    • ABBA - The Museum: Some Music never Dies - Special report about the new exhibition at the ABBA Museum
    • Let The Good Times Roll - Exclusive interview with Marlies Leckebusch, photographer of the legendary Musikladen with exclusive photos only for ABBA
    • 50 Years - Special Songbook with songs by Agnetha & Björn
    • Björn in Brussels - Special report
    • Exclusive interview with Björn with exclusive photos
    • Two-sided A3 size poster with exclusive, unpublished ABBA photos from Musikladen 1979

    Like always, we are looking forward to your feedback in our guestbook and via mail.




May 28, 2018
  • Here are some photos of today's performance of 'half of BAO' as Benny presented his fellow musicians. On the group photo, BAO is together with Gudrun Schyman, party leader of FI (Feminist Initiative), and Swedish singer Malena Ernman.

    Benny with half of BAO
    All photos © Micke Bayart

  • Tommy Körberg will do the monologue show "Lola" on the Scandiscenen stage at Cirkus in Stockholm. There will be 25 performances between September 22 and November 3, 2018. Apart from Tommy, the pianist Carl Flemsten will be on stage. About ten compositions are included, among others by Zarah Leander, Jules Sylvain, Charlie Chaplin, Ulla Billquist, Billy Joel and Leonard Cohen. Lyrics are translated and rewritten by Björn Ulvaeus.
    Björn said: "Tommy is a brave man, who dares to try new roads. Trying to get into the world of Lola is an exciting challenge for me. I am not as brave as Tommy, but I like challenges!"

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!
    Tommy Körberg's monologue show 'Lola'

May 23, 2018
  • The Swedish Church in Berlin (Landhausstrasse 26-28, DE-10717 Berlin) will celebrate Sweden's National Day on June 6 (at 7 PM) with a concert.
    Choir members and soloists of the church will perform songs from Kristina från Duvemåla.

  • The Swedish political party Feministisk Initiativ will arrange a Mother's Day event at Mariatorget in Stockholm on May 27. Benny has supported the party so it is no surprise that he is one of the artists who will play at the event. The concert takes place from 1 - 3 PM.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

May 15, 2018
  • Lasse Wellander has commented the ABBA recording session in 2017 in the Swedish press.
    Lasse can't remember if it was Björn or Benny who phoned him last year and invited him into the studio. He was not told what they would do. It was only after entering the studio he realized what it was all about. Lasse of course finds it great that ABBA has returned into the studio, but admits being a bit surprised.
    The new songs are of course really good. But Lasse can't remember them completely as the recordings were almost a year ago. The nature of his work as musician is that he goes to a studio, does his part of the backing track and overdubs and then continues to his next engagement. But it is not techno or house, it will sound like ABBA.
    About the ABBA Avatar Tour Lasse, 65, tells that he has been asked to join the band but he does not know if he would like to travel around the world with it. Maybe he could come along if there are some shows in Sweden.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!
    ABBA's studio musician Lasse Wellander

May 7, 2018
  • Björn's greetings from April 8, 2018

  • Tomorrow, a new permanent exhibition at ABBA The Museum will be opening telling the story of the group's members from 1982 until the present day. Here are some photos from today's press viewing and the inauguration where Björn Ulvaeus was joined by Görel Hanser, Ingmarie Halling, Mia Segolsson (Universal Sweden), Caroline Fagerlind (ABBA The Museum) and Peter Jöback.
    More about this in the next issue.
    New exhibition at ABBA The Museum
    Photos: Micke Bayart

  • Svenska Teatern in Helsinki held a press conference today for their CHESS på svenska, with premiere on September 8. It was confirmed that CHESS will run two seasons.
    The ensemble had rehearsed in smaller groups before and today was the first time when all the artists got together on the same stage and sang through the score. The media people were allowed to come and listen to some of the last songs of Act 2, like "Endgame".
    As in Svenska Teatern's previous B&B musicals, Kristina and Mamma Mia!, the actors come from various Nordic countries. Previously it was announced that Finnish Maria Ylipää will do Florence and the three other main roles are played by Swedes: Alexandre Lycke (Anatolij), Glenn Edell (Freddie) and Johanna Ström (Svetlana). Today we got to know that Svenska Teatern's actor Kristofer Möller portrays Molokov, he was Bill in Mamma Mia!. The Arbiter will be female, played by Silva Lillrank. The ensemble includes Lineah Svärd from Sweden, who was Sofie in Svenska Teatern's Mamma Mia!. The understudy for the role of Freddie comes also from Sweden, Johan Hwatz has previously played Arvid when Kristina was staged in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!
    CHESS in Helsinki
    Photo by Valtteri Kantanen / Svenska Teatern

May 1, 2018
  • Björn said in a CNN Interview at 3:10 that the second new song recorded by the ABBA members is titled "Don't Shut Me Down".

    Thanks to Maurits!

April 27, 2018
  • Two new ABBA songs in December!!!

    ABBA's management told us there is no further information about this at the moment. We will inform you as soon as we get any news.

April 26, 2018
  • In a new interview with ABBA , Björn Ulvaeus confirmed that the premiere of "Mamma Mia! 2 - Here We Go Again!" will take place at Hammersmith Apollo, London, on Monday 16 July.

    Björn and Regina in Brussels

April 25, 2018
  • Best Wishes to Björn's Birthday

April 24, 2018
  • ABBAcédaire A new French book 'ABBAcédaire' by French ABBA expert Jean-Marie Potiez was published today. You can order it here.

    328 pages
    Size: 15 x 23 cm
    No illustrations inside
    Cover painting by artist Olivier Coulon

  • Arturo Sandoval's CD 'Ultimate Duets' will finally be published on May 18th. It will include the duet with Frida 'Andante Andante'.

    Arturo Sandoval: Ultimate Duets

  • ABBA recently met Björn Ulvaeus for an exclusive interview, which will be published in our next magazine.

    Björn Ulvaeus met Regina for an exclusive interview with ABBA following his guest appearance at the EBU Media Summit in Brussels yesterday (which was broadcast live).

    Björn and Regina in Brussels Björn and Regina in Brussels

April 17, 2018
  • ABBA No. 83 has now been printed and is being mailed to all fan club members worldwide. Look forward to 36 colour pages in A4 size with exclusive photos. Like always, this issue includes news, special reports, more exclusive photos and a great poster with an exclusive shot of ABBA during the studio recordings for "The Album" 1977.

    • News Extra with all new releases, ABBA news, Benny, Björn, ABBA related artists
    • Competition with great exclusive prizes
    • Super Troupers - The Exhibition
    • BRAVO Legenden - ABBA DVD
    • Special report about The Movie / The Album - The Game of The Name
    • 50 Years of Agnetha & Frida - Songbook with more singles
    • Anna Bromee: En Frid(a) För Själen
    • Special report about 30 years of Klinga Mina Klockor
    • Reader's Story
    • Special report on CHESS
    • CHESS in Copenhagen
    • CHESS in Washington D.C.
    • A3 size Poster with a great, previously unpublished ABBA photo from 1977 taken at the studio recordings of "The Album"





April 5, 2018
  • Best Wishes to Agnetha's Birthday

March 28, 2018
  • A special tribute show to Frida's music from singer Anna Bromee will open in Frida's hometown of Torshälla on March 28. The show is called 'En Frid(a) För Själen' which in Swedish means 'A Peace For The Soul' and if you add the (a) it also means 'A Frida For The Soul'. The show opens at Sagasalongen where Frida used to watch films as a kid including the Elvis movie "Jailhouse Rock" that inspired her to pursue a career in music.
    After that it will go on tour in Sweden, starting April 3 - 7 in Gothenburg at Göteborgs Stadsteater.

    Anna is an actress, scriptwriter and singer and she spent her childhood and teens in the same county where Frida grew up before her – Sörmland. ABBA spoke to this wonderful, multi-talented woman. You can read the interview in our magazine No. 83.

    Frida tribute show by Anna Bromee

March 14, 2018
  • The 18 years old Swedish violinist Daniel Lozakovich has published two photos with Benny at Mono Music. On one of the photos he seems to have his violin with him. Maybe he has been recording at Riksmixningsverket. Lozakovich is one of the artists of the record company Deutsche Grammophon.

    Daniel Lozakovich with Benny at Mono Music

  • Anders Hanser's Swedish documentary "Benny Andersson & Orsa spelmän 30 år" (30 years of Benny Andersson & Orsa Spelmän) will premiere at the Röda Kvarn cinema in Orsa next Sunday.
    In an interview with the newspaper Dala Demokraten Anders Hanser tells how Orsa Spelmän and Benny met at his 40th birthday party in Orsa. As we know this led to a collaboration that continues until today. The musicians met and rehearsed many times at Hanser's summer flat and he filmed them and some of the first concerts as well. Material from these first steps is included in the film. During the last year Anders Hanser has interviewed the Orsa Spelmän members for the documentary and he asked Benny about his relation to accordion and folk music. Anders Hanser got the idea for the documentary film three years ago when he went through the tape archive of his company and realised what kind of gold mine of unpublished material was there.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen.

March 9, 2018
  • To celebrate the huge 30th Anniversary of BJÖRN AGAIN, Australian Director and Musician Rod Stephen will be taking the internationally acclaimed show on tour throughout the UK and Ireland in November/December 2018. Tickets went on general sale Friday 23rd February and are available from Gigs and Tours or Ticketmaster.

    Björn Again Tour 2018

  • A 7” coloured vinyl single of 'Summer Night City' will be released for Record Store Day 2018 on April 21.

    Summer Night City

  • Here is a list of the upcoming premieres of the movie 'Mamma Mia! 2 - Here We Go Again'.

February 12, 2018
  • The musical CHESS will be performed at the Eisenhower Theater, John F. Kennedy Center, Washington DC from February 14 - February 18.
    Björn and Benny will be attending one of the shows.

  • Dan Daniell talks about his life and Frida's contribution to his songs here.

  • On February 8, Görel Hanser was awarded a special Swedish music award, Grammis, for her outstanding work with ABBA throughout the last decades until today.

    Görel wins a Grammis - Photo: SR
    Photo: SR

January 20, 2018
  • ABBA's car on auction: "Pop stars at the height of global stardom, travelling in private jets and staying in the finest hotels, crave escape and anonymity. ABBA was no different. A discrete sports coupé was needed, so Polar Music, the band's record company, ordered a silver BMW 633. Fast and reliable, the car followed the band on European tours to be on standby for use by Björn Ulvaeus or Benny Andersson.
    When ordered in 1977, the band was at the height of its fame. Their latest album had so many pre-orders that pressing plants could not meet demand, and their shows at London’s Royal Albert Hall received 3.5 million ticket requests. ABBA's car was ordered in Polaris Silver (060) over black leather with a four-speed manual gearbox.
    After a period abroad, the car returned to Sweden in 2008 where it was registered for sparing road use. The bodywork and interior are unmarked, and the car even retains its rare TRX alloy wheels. Accompanied with the car are the original documents signed by Ulvaeus and Andersson.
    Whether a brand enthusiast or collector of ABBA heritage, the CSi offered here represents a unique opportunity to acquire a special piece of automotive heritage."

    Special thanks to Ralph Hans Steiner!

    ABBA and their BMW

January 4, 2018
  • ABBA No. 82 has now been printed and is being mailed to all fan club members worldwide. Look forward to 36 colour pages in A4 size with exclusive photos. Like always, this issue includes news, special reports, more exclusive photos and a great poster showing an image from a 1978 photo session with a big thank you to photographer Bubi Heilemann. We also have a little present for you - a special postcard with printed autographs.

    • News Extra with all new releases, ABBA news, Benny, Björn, ABBA related artists
    • Competition with great exclusive prizes
    • Special report about The Movie / The Album - The Game of The Name
    • Special report about ABBA's signatures - The Autographs
    • Exclusive interview with Ola Håkansson plus special report about The Way You Are
    • Reader's Story
    • Special report about the book 'We All Love ABBA' with the group Luv'
    • 50 Years of Agnetha & Frida - Songbook with more singles
    • A3 size Poster with a great ABBA photo from 1978 with printed autographs




  • Just before Christmas the touring musical production "Äventyret Aladdin" premiered at Stockholm Waterfront. The title role is played by Charlie Grönvall, son to Nanne and Peter Grönvall. Benny was one of the guests and posed with Mary and Selma Strandberg.

    Benny with Mary and Selma Strandberg
    Felix, Nanne and Peter

    Here is a video from the premiere.

  • The final album chart of 2017 has been published in Sweden. Benny's "Piano" is number 4. On the physical album chart "Piano" is on position 3. The vinyl chart shows only the 10 best selling records and "Piano" was out after three weeks. "Piano" got a gold disc award on October 18, 2017.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen.

  • We have deleted some older messages. If you found this page by a search engine, don't miss the whole site!

    You will find the old messages from the last years in our News Archive 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004.

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