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May 2, 2024
  • German Heel Company will publish their new ABBA Calendar for 2025 soon. It will contain some wonderful photos. Here are some spreads from it. Their calendars are always very professionally produced and we can highly recommend them.

    Heel ABBA Calendar    Heel ABBA Calendar    Heel ABBA Calendar    Heel ABBA Calendar

  • Benny has recorded jingles for Swedish radio station P2 together with Sweden's Radio Symphony Orchestra. Of the 37 jingles, 2 were ultimately used.
    "When world-renowned songwriter, musician and ABBA legend Benny Andersson was asked to produce P2's new jingles, he didn't hesitate, even though he had never done anything similar before. The jingles were recorded in early 2024 together with Sweden's Radio Symphony Orchestra and Benny Andersson can be heard playing the piano himself."

  • German television will show this on 9 May :

    • BR   at 8:15 PM - Die 30 schönsten Hits von ABBA   (30 most beautiful hits of ABBA)
    • ARD at 10:50 PM - ABBA   (British documentation movie from James Rogan, 2023)

April 26, 2024
  • In connection with the concert at Cirkus, BAO will release a newly recorded song called "Vårarna Som Försvann" (The Springs that disappeared) on 26 April 2024.

    BAO featuring Helen Sjöholm & Tommy Körberg will perform on Tuesday, 11 June 2024 at Stockholm's Cirkus.
    Tickets for Benny Andersson's Orchestra will be available on Monday 29 April at 10.00 AM. The concert is about 2 hours without break and filmed by SVT.

  • The Kammertheater Karlsruhe in Germany will show performances about ABBA from June 21 to August 11.

    Thanks to Ulrike Welte!

April 25, 2024
  • Best Wishes to Björn

April 6, 2024
  • The interview with Regina will be repeated by German NDR TV called "Hallo Niedersachsen" on Sunday April 7 around 3:03 AM and 11:18 AM.

  • Now you can see photos of the ABBA Pinball Machine from Pinball Brothers. They build two with different pictures on the case.

April 5, 2024
  • Best Wishes to Agnetha

April 4, 2024
  • On April 6, 2024 we will celebrate the 50 years jubilee of ABBA's victory at the Eurovision Song Contest from exactly 50 years ago! There are some great activities.
    For fast updating also visit our Facebook page and Instagram.

  • Waterloo - The Piano Moment
    At exactly 10:00 o'clock (European summertime) it will be a special piano moment from Benny at the same time in Berlin (Friedrichstadt-Palast, in the foyer), London (Waterloo Station - at the central part of the station), Warsaw (Chopin airport) and Stockholm (in the store NK at the NK stage). The event in Berlin is free to enter and the guests will get one of the high-class ABBAGoodiebags (as long as they are available). This special moment will be moderated in Berlin by Candy Crash. Be there well-timed because this special action is only happening at exactly 10:00 o'clock!

  • ABBA Voyage Show, London
    Visitors of the ABBA Voyage Show in London will get a special gift at this memorable day.

    ABBA Voyage in London

  • Stockholm
    The Royal Swedish Cavalry Band will play ABBA songs at the King Palace in Stockholm at 12:15.
    The ABBA Tribute Band Waterloo will start a sing-a-long concert (Thank You For The Music) in Kungsträdgarden at 16:00.
    In the ABBA Museum the whole afternoon will have various activities in 'The Visitors' Bistro.
    Swedish TV will show the TV gala "En fest för ABBA" from 20:00. This special TV gala is streamable.
    The Swedish post will offer a special number of ABBA stamps for ABBA's jubilee.

    ABBA stamps

  • The ABBA Pinball machine !
    The Swedish company Pinball Brothers will present an ABBA pinball machine on April 6 at 18:00 at Clarion Hotel in Örebro for the first time. Right now there are no pictures or videos from it, but it will play more than 20 songs and may appear after the demonstration on Youtube or on their website. Here are the distributors linked, they will soon offer this pinball machine. A new pinball machine often has a price around 10,000 Euros, it will be shown on the distributor sites.

  • Lüneburg:
    The German legendary star photographer Bubi Heilemann will guide his show 'ABBA Hautnah' on April 6 and 7, 2024.

    ABBA Hautnah Show

    Until April 27, 2024 there will be an exhibition with Bubi's ABBA photos from 1974 (free entry).

    Exhibition with Bubi's ABBA photos

  • Media:
    Various radio stations will remind about ABBA's victory 50 years ago. The German NDR TV will report about ABBA in a short contribution in 'Hallo Niedersachsen' at 19:30. They already made an interview with Regina.

    Interview with Regina    Interview with Regina

  • If you want to watch the whole Eurovision Song Contest from April 6, 1974 again, we recommend this link on Youtube.

  • We congratulate Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Agnetha Fältskog for their distinction with the Royal Vasa Order for special contributions of Swedish and international music. The king court has notified that the four king knight orders, the Seraphim order, the sword order, the polar star order and the Vasa order will be awarded again. For the first time for almost 50 years the king knight orders became awarded in Sweden for special profits. The holders of the order were nominated by the public and the name recommendations were selected by the order mission of the Swedish King Science Academy. The price award happens on May 31 in a ceremony at the King Palace in Stockholm.

    King of Sweden   

  • Björn will give visions into the world of music industry at The Business Day in Bridlington on June 7, 2024. He will talk about the making of ABBA Voyage, management, employer, artificial intelligence (AI) and the complexity of business in the music industry online.

  • Pophouse has bought the song catalogue of Cyndi Lauper. At the same time the concern starts a co-operation with the "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" artist and is planning a TV series and "a theatre project". CEO Per Sundin said that Cyndi Lauper was "a dream partner" for Pophouse and she was sharing the wish of the business to "prepare the creativity over conventional limits". "We already have first plans for a TV series with fans, a festival plus a theatre project about Cyndi's education – a project, that she likes and we enquire different technical possibilities to create an unique event." The planned theatre performance will keep the music, but without participation of joint owner Björn Ulvaeus, who is not actively concerned in co-operation with Cyndi Lauper.

    Photo by Pophouse
    Photo by: Pophouse

  • Hans Blum (in Germany better known as singer Henry Valentino) has died in March with 95 years. He has written and arranged some of Agnetha's German songs, like Concerto D'Amore, Fragezeichen mag ich nicht and so on.

  • ABBA Downunder: Like we mentioned in our ABBA issue Nr. 101, there will be a great ABBA day in Australia. Tickets are now available.

  • German TV tips:
    27.4.2024, 20:15 VOX-Doku: 50 Jahre ABBA und das Geheimnis des Schwedenpop
    9.5.2024,   22:50 ARD-Doku: ABBA
    On Arte TV you can watch some movies by Roy Andersson. Benny has made the music for some of these movies: "Songs From The Second Floor" (2000), "Das jüngste Gewitter" ("Du Levande", 2007) – both until June 30. "Über die Unendlichkeit" ("Om det oändliga", 2019) – until April 9 at Arte TV

March 2, 2024
  • ABBA Nr. 101 is out now and will be sent to all members!

    We are celebrating the 50 years Waterloo jubilee in this issue! Be glad about a Waterloo special report plus an A3 poster of ABBA's rehearsal at the Eurovision Song Contest 1974. Again there are many exclusive unpublished photos and a great competition, where you can win a promotion poster from ABBA The Movie and Agnetha's A+ . We like especially the lovely greetings from Frida for our project 'The Fans of ABBA'!

    • News Extra
    • Collector's corner with special infos about a Frida single from 1969
    • Frida's lovely greetings for our 'The Fans of ABBA' project
    • Prize Draw with exclusive prizes like ABBA The Movie promotion poster (German version) and Agnetha's A+ promotion poster (German version)
    • Special report about 50 years Waterloo
    • Tribute to Ola Lager
    • Songbook - Agnetha 'Då Finns Du Hos Mig'
    • ABBA On Record / Carl Magnus Palm - Exclusive part from the book
    • Exklusive interview with book author and journalist Jan Gradvall
    • Discography Series: ABBA 7" Singles from Germany/GDR/Austria/Switzerland - part 2
    • Reader's Story: A dream of dreams (meeting Frida and Benny)

    Like always we are looking forward to your feedback!





December 23, 2023
  • Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

December 16, 2023
  • Benny's birthday

November 15, 2023
  • Frida's birthday

October 24, 2023
  • ABBA Nr. 100 is out now and will be sent to all members!
    Our special issue 100 now contains 40 (instead of 36) pages plus a special present from us, a special two-sided ABBA Poster in A2 size (42 x 60 cm). It includes many thanks to our faithful members who made it possible that you can hold the 100th issue of ABBA in your hands! Another free bonus is an A3 Poster from the new Agnetha session!

    Be glad about all news around ABBA and Agnetha's new album with many exclusive photos plus a very special competition, where you can win a special prize from Björn!

    • News Extra
    • Special report with photos about Agnetha's new album A+
    • The Fans of ABBA - report about the origin of booklet and mosaic for ABBA's 50 year jubilee
    • First anniversary show at the ABBA Arena in London
    • 10th anniversary of ABBA The Museum in Stockholm
    • Exclusive interview with Ingmarie Halling, director and curator of ABBA The Museum in Stockholm
    • Special report about 100 issues of ABBA
    • ABBA competition with very exceptional prizes
    • 100th Anniversary Songbook: Anni-Frid Lyngstad - TV only track

    Like always we are looking forward to your feedback!







  • Björn will get the Kalle Sändare scholarship (75 Crowns !) of 2022. Kalle Sändare was a legendary prank caller. Björn is a great fan and Sändare was an inspiration for the BAO song title "Det är vi ändå". Behind the stipendium stands the association GOSF which takes care of keeping the work of Kalle Sändare alive. The prize will be handed out in Funkalistic Bistro & Bar, in Stockholm on November 19.
    Some time ago Björn appeared in a TV programme about Kalle.

    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen.

October 22, 2023
  • Lars Berghagen has passed away.
    Lars "Lasse" Nils Berghagen (13 May 1945 - 19 October 2023) was a Swedish singer and songwriter.
    During the 1960s, Berghagen collaborated with Benny Andersson, and together they wrote songs like "Hej clown" and "Sagan om lilla Sofie". Berghagen was between 1965 and 1968 married to singer Lill-Babs. Together the couple have a daughter named Malin Berghagen born in 1966. Lasse Berghagen has been Frida's tour partner in the summer of 1971 and has also starred with her in the Kar de Mumma revue at Folkan that same year where his character an tango charmer Flirty Knut was one of his most beloved characters between 1968 and 1974. Moreover he was a popular singer in Sweden and a close friend for the ABBA family in the 1970s.
    He also participated in Melodifestivalen 1974 with the song "Min kärlekssång till dig", which placed second after ABBA. In 1975, Lars Berghagen finally achieved his breakthrough in Germany with the song "Es War Einmal Eine Gitarre". Berghagen won Melodifestivalen 1975 with the song "Jennie Jennie", at the Eurovision Song Contest 1975 his song placed eight.

    Frida & Benny with Lars Berghagen, March 1970

  • Finally - following ABBA The Visitors Products will be released in December to celebrate the 40th Anniversary (actually 42nd/41st anniversary):

    Format: 4 x 7" Boxset (Limited Edition)
    UPC: 00602455075352

    Format: 7" Picture Disc Singles (Limited Edition)
    • 00602455074355 - Head Over Heels
    • Head Over Heels

    • 00602455074331 - One Of Us

    • One Of Us

    • 00602455074379 - The Day Before You Came
    • The Day Before You Came

    • 00602455074393 - Under Attack
    • Under Attack

    Format: 2LP - Half-Speed Master (Limited Edition)
    UPC: 00602445271108
    The Visitors - Vinyl

    The ABBA Shop in Germany also offers special bundles for ABBA The Visitors.

  • The musical CHESS enjoys big success in Oldenburg, Germany. All performances are almost sold out but you can still get a couple of tickets here.
    The musical is still running until January 5, 2024.

    © Stephan Walzl © Stephan Walzl
    Photos: © Stephan Walzl

  • On October 13, Swedish author Jan Gradvall presented his latest book on ABBA, 'Melancholy Uncovered', which will be released in Sweden on October 16. He was being interviewed by Sofia Bergström, assistant vicar at Hedvig Eleonora Church in Stockholm.
    The book is written in Swedish, and by looking detailed into the music, the human aspect and their lives it explains the band's first steps, them turning into superstars and, eventually, their last recording.
    It is a book of a mosaic with unique stories about ABBA, but above all an unvarnished declaration of love, signed by one of Sweden's leading music journalists, which makes us see the band and the times with new eyes.
    The book will in due time also be published in Norway, Finland and Denmark. For certain, more countries will be added.

    Author Jan Gradvall / © Micke Bayart
    Photos: © Micke Bayart

  • The lovely Julian from Youtube's channel Bobby's Brother did a wonderful and interesting Interview with Agnetha's producer Jörgen Elofsson. Watch part 1 here:
    ABBA EXCLUSIVE: New Agnetha Album A+ | Interview with Agnetha's Friend & Producer Jörgen Elofsson 4K - YouTube

  • Björn was in Athen on October 10.
    Maximos Mansion: "Discussing AI and music with Greek Prime Minister @kyriakos_ and Cultural Minister @christos_dimas_ in Athens today."

    Björn in Athen

  • MAMMA MIA! The Party returns to Tyrol in Stockholm on February 22, 2024. The show will only run during 2024, after that it is planned to close it in Sweden permanently. Tickets for spring will be released on 2nd October. So far the Swedish productions - Stockholm and Gothenburg - have been seen by over 500.000 persons. In autumn 2024 it will open in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
    Stockholm cast:
    • Anki Albertsson (Kicki)
    • Sussie Eriksson (Maggan)
    • Lisa Bengtsson (Konstantina)
    • Simon Rubin (Adam)
    • Linda Olsson (Nina, understudy for Kicki)
    • Elin König Andersson (Bella)
    • Robin Svensson (Rasmus and is also conductor)

    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen.

    Björn at Tyrol

  • Björn in London on September 22nd
    Snippet from an interview with Sky News on behalf of his visit at Mamma Mia! The Party!
    British pop star Antony Costa joins Mamma Mia! The Party! immersive experience
    "You come into Nikos' Taverna and you leave your troubles outside", British popstar Antony Costa tells Sky News about the themed restaurant bringing the smash film-hit Mamma Mia to life in London.
    British pop star Antony Costa joins Mamma Mia! The Party! immersive experience | Ents & Arts News | Sky News

September 22, 2023
  • ABBA Voyage producers Svana Gisla and Baillie Walsh met Frida for lunch at J.Sheekey restaurant in London 22nd September 2023. Svana posted this wonderful photo on her Instagram account today.

    Svana Gisla, Frida, Baillie Walsh

  • Björn attended a gala performance of Mamma Mia! The Party at the O2 Arena in London on 21st September 2023.

    Björn in London
    Photo: Shutterstock/Rex

  • Pre-order A+ for your chance to attend an exclusive listening event at The Dolby Atmos Theatre.
    Visit the official store to win a pair of tickets for the event taking place October 12th - A Team

    A+ Event in London

  • Björn attended the Digital X in Cologne on 20 09 2023, giving a fantastic speech.

    © Regina Grafunder © Regina Grafunder © Shutterstock/Rex
    Photos: © Regina Grafunder and Shutterstock/Rex

  • Björn surprised the audience in Cologne after ABBA The Movie was shown!
    Congratulations to the ABBA members who had won tickets for this event through our competition.

    © Joshua Sammer/LUF Kino © Joshua Sammer/LUF Kino
    Photos: © Joshua Sammer/LUF Kino

  • An updated version of the book "We All Love ABBA - Expanded Edition" by Stany Van Wymeersch will be published on 7th October. There will be a book launch in Ghent/Belgium on 7th October. You can get tickets here.
    There is also an opportunity for those who attend to pre-order an exclusive art print by Govert de Roos. There's also a photo exhibition with Govert's ABBA photos at the venue.

    We All Love ABBA - Expanded Edition We All Love ABBA - Expanded Edition

  • Listen to Björn & Benny's new composition 'Buller och bång' performed at the Stockholm Royal Palace on the occasion of HM King Carl Gustaf of Sweden celebrating 50 years on the throne here: H.M. Konungen - 50 år på tronen - Fredagens firande | SVT Play

September 13, 2023
  • Björn and Benny's successful musical Kristina från Duvemåla will come to Theater Koblenz, Germany, in German language in November 2025!

    Special thanks to Monique Hoevens.

  • Björn will attend Digital X 2023 in Cologne on 20 September and talk about digital technics in the music business.

    Special thanks to Monique Hoevens!

    Björn at Digital X 2023

  • Great News: BBC Radio 2 in the UK have made Agnetha's Where Do We Go From Here? their Record Of The Week for next week plus they have also added to their A List for heavy rotation too.

    BBC Radio 2

  • The ABBA 1974 - 2024, From Waterloo To The World exhibition opens on 23 September 2023 at the Battle of Waterloo site.
    You can see the exhibition from 22 September, doors open at 10am!

    They are offering a combined package including
    • Access to the exhibition (A visit to the Memorial is not included, with a supplement of EUR 6.50 per person).
    • From 12:00 to 14:00, a special "From Waterloo to the World" sandwich buffet. Drinks included (wine, beer, soft drinks).
    • From 2 pm to 3 pm, dessert buffet and coffee.

    This package is available for EUR 55 per person.
    Reservations required on
    Reservations until 15 September 2023.

  • You can watch some lovely greetings from Agnetha from 6th September on our Facebook page.

  • Don't forget to attend the ABBA Fan Event in selected cinemas and watch ABBA-The Movie. Tickets for sale here:

    ABBA The Movie (September)

September 6, 2023August 31, 2023
  • Congratulation - 'Where Do We Go From Here?' is already Number 6 on the world wide iTune Charts and number 4 on the iTunes European Chart.
    The CD single is currently only part of the bundles and can't be bought separately.
    The album A+ has several formats:
    • On white vinyl
    • On crystal clear vinyl as double album (incl. albums A and A+)
    • Picture Disc

    • Double CD (incl. albums A and A+)
    • CD (only A+)

    Plus a T-shirt. You can order them here: Agnetha Fältskog Online Store: Merch, Music, Downloads & Clothing

    Agnetha: Vinyl LP Agnetha: crystal clear vinyl LPs Agnetha: Picture Disc Agnetha: Picture Disc Agnetha: Album A+ Agnetha: Album A and A+ Agnetha: T-Shirt

  • The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show from BBC Radio 2 is now online for 29 days. Agnetha and Jörgen Elofsson are interviewed at 2:07:00.

August 30, 2023
  • Agnetha's brand new single 'Where Do We Go From Here?' will be released tomorrow. This is the stunning single cover.

    Agnetha: Where Do We Go From Here? - single cover

  • Agnetha Fältskog - A+
    A reimagined version of Agnetha's acclaimed 2013 album 'A' due for release October 13 2023, also containing her brand new single 'Where Do We Go From Here?'.

    Agnetha: A+  album cover

August 29, 2023
  • So... where do we go from here? - World Premiere of 'Where Do We Go From Here?' on BBC Radio 2 with Zoe Ball - Tune in on Thursday 31st August from 8:30am (BST)

    Agnetha: Where Do We Go From Here? - on BBC 2

August 23, 2023
  • There is a new post saying "Where Do We Go From Here" on Agnetha's official social media platforms. What does Agnetha mean by this - there seems to be something going on.
    You can also sign up for a mailing list on her official website.

    Screenshot from Agnetha's official website

August 13, 2023
  • ABBA - The Movie is coming to selected cinemas for two days in September 17th and 19th. Tickets go on sale August 16th. For more infos:

    ABBA The Movie (September)

  • The Estrel Showtheatre in Berlin will show 'A Tribute To ABBA & Boney M.' from September 29 - October 29, 2023.

    Get your tickets here:
    "The Tribute to ABBA & Boney M"
    September 29 - October 29 2023 - Thursday - Saturday at 8:00 PM, Sunday 5:00 PM
    Tickets from 49 Euro
    Phone +4930/6831-6831 and
    Estrel Berlin, Sonnenallee 225, 12057 Berlin

    ABBA Fan Club members will get 20% discount and have the possibility to win 1 x 2 tickets for one show plus one night in the Estrel hotel.
    You will get more infos via mail.

    The Tribute to ABBA & Boney M
    Photo (Estrel): © NOVA - Creative Productions

  • German TV RTL will show "Die ultimative Chart-Show" on August 25 at 8:15 PM, talking about comebacks like ABBA's Voyage.

  • German TV SWR will repeat "Die größten Kulthits von ABBA" on August 26 at 11:10 PM.

    Special thanks to Martin Schneider!

July 8, 2023
  • Agnetha was amongst the audience when Janne Schaffer performed on Ekerö on June 28.

    Agnetha and Jonas Agnetha and Tallee
    Photos: Instagram Jonas Gideon, Instagram Tallee Savage

  • It is with great sadness to announce that our very good friend Michiel Gunning, the partner of Marga Scheide (singer of the group Luv') passed away on June 22, 2023. Our deepest sympathy goes to Marga and his two daughters and grandchildren. Strength, Peace and Love to you.
    Michiel often did interviews with ABBA for the Dutch newspaper Popfoto in the 70s and 80s.

    Marga and Michiel Frida, Benny and Michiel Agnetha and Michiel

  • Björn and Benny attended the seasonal premiere of 'Pippi at Circus' which opened on June 15 in Stockholm together with their partners Christina and Mona.

    Björn and Christina
    Photo: © Regina Grafunder

June 10, 2023
  • Swedish artist Benjamin Ingrosso released a new song, which he co-wrote with Björn: 'I had it all and let it go'.

    Benjamin Ingrosso and Björn
    Photo: @benjaminingrosso / Instagram

    Artificial intelligence and streaming, the topics to be discussed at the CISAC General Assembly
    For the first time Mexico hosts the representatives of artistic creators, who were received by the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico, to seek solutions to the challenges of new technologies. Japanese painter Kazuhiko Fukuoji and Spanish screenwriter and director Ángeles González-Sinde Reig have been elected as Vice-Presidents. They join the two current CISAC Vice-Presidents, whose three-year terms are being extended: singer-songwriter and human rights campaigner Yvonne Chaka Chaka, and the eminent Mexican classical music composer Arturo Márquez. Björn Ulvaeus, singer-songwriter and ABBA co-founder, has also been re-elected for a second term as President of CISAC.

    Björn in Mexico

  • ABBA Voyage - the first anniversary on May 27th:
    Legends met on this evening. Benny with Ron Wood and wife Sally Wood: "Congratulations @abbavoyage on your 1st anniversary! We had a great time".

    Benny and Ron Wood Benny, Sally & Ron Wood

  • Mark Heyes (stylist, presenter):
    "A night I'll never forget!! @abbavoyage was AMAZING and they were actually there in person. I got to meet Anni-Frid and she was so lovely (and also knew who I was). Me and @charlottehawkins1 danced the night away and had an absolute blast. Thank you for inviting us @aldridgeuk We loved every minute. Xxx"

    Mark Heyes, Frida, Charlotte Hawkins Ron Wood, Frida and Björn

  • The creative team behind ABBA Voyage celebrating its first anniversary.

    ABBA Voyage in London

  • Benny, Frida and Björn thanking the audience for celebrating ABBA Voyage's first year (as did Tomas Ledin left of Benny).

    ABBA Voyage in London

  • Björn has been in a Spotify podcast with Anke Engelke and Riccardo Simonetti.
    Watch out for the next two episodes in which they will also talk about ABBA! Riccardo Simonetti Anke Engelke

    Spotify Spotify

  • ABBA - The Museum celebrated its first ten years on May 6.
    Speeches, choir songs and a brand new exhibition on ABBA Voyage in London were only some of the celebrations' ingredients.
    More in our next ABBA issue.

    All photos: Micke Bayart
    All photos: Micke Bayart

  • ABBA received BRIT Billion award! It was presented to Björn recently.

    BRIT Billion Award

April 25, 2023
  • Best Wishes to Björn

April 21, 2023
  • Björn surprises millionth costumer of ABBA Voyage. Lucky Josie Felix and her family had a meet and greet with Björn.

    Picture: ABBA Voyage © Provided by Metro
    Photo: (Picture: ABBA Voyage) © Provided by Metro

  • Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg were being interviewed on Swedish TV about their new, upcoming collaboration in the Swedish musical 'Änglagård' - but they also revealed that BAO (Benny Anderssons Orkester) is working on new music.

    Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg

April 12, 2023
  • Join this wonderful ABBA fundraising afternoon (in London) for the street and vulnerable children of Kolkata and Mexico City. There aren't many tickets left anymore.
    We highly recommend this fundraising afternoon, organised by one of our dear ABBA Fan Club members.

    ABBA fundraising afternoon in London

  • ABBA Voyage will be part of the exhibition when ABBA The Museum will celebrate its 10th anniversary on 7 May 2023! The new exhibition will be featuring stage costumes by B Åkerlund in collaboration with leading designers. On display will be the D&G costumes, the Metal Mesh as well as the jumpsuits.

    "I can't think of a better way to celebrate ABBA The Museums' 10 years anniversary than with a new exhibition. With ABBA Voyage, we truly have the full story to deep dive into the world of ABBA - from the very beginning and into the future. We can't wait to welcome both new and returning visitors".
    Caroline Fagerlind, Head of Exhibitions at ABBA The Museum.

    "I'm so proud of creating this exhibition at ABBA The Museum together with my team and in collaboration with the producers of ABBA Voyage. The exhibition will give visitors a look behind the making of ABBA Voyage including new and exclusive interviews with Björn and Benny about the show - and album - in retrospect".
    Ingmarie Halling, Creative Director at ABBA The Museum.

    Costumes designed by B Åkerlund in collaboration with Michael Schmidt
    Image: Costumes designed by B Åkerlund in collaboration with Michael Schmidt.
    Image courtesy of ABBA Voyage

  • ABBA's long-time guitarist Lasse Wellander has sadly passed away last Friday. With his outstanding style he always added something unique to the ABBA songs, both in the studio as well as when performing live with them (as on this photo from the 1977 tour, on the right to Björn).

    Photo: Stig-Göran Nilsson
    Photo: Stig-Göran Nilsson

April 5, 2023
  • Best Wishes to Agnetha

April 4, 2023
  • Composer Stefan Nilsson was diagnosed with most agressive form of ALS in February. A support concert for him takes place at the church Filadelfiakyrkan in Stockholm on May 8. Among others Benny Andersson, Helen Sjöholm, Tommy Körberg, Anders Ekborg, Sissel Kyrkjebø and Gunilla Backman will be seen on stage. The complete list of performers is here.

    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen.

March 26, 2023
  • The year of 2023 sees the 50th anniversary of ABBA's debut album, Ring Ring. It is an important album in the amazing history of the group, as it shows us their birth: the fascinating start of their journey, finding out who they are and where their strengths lie.

    To celebrate this milestone, the LP 'Ring Ring' and its singles will be available for pre-order on the following formats on March 23rd:
    • 2LP 45 RPM remastered at Abbey Road Studios in a gatefold sleeve featuring obi-strip and certificate of authenticity
    • 5 x 7" Colour Singles Box Set (D2C Exclusive)
    • Individual 7" Picture Discs:
      • He Is Your Brother / Santa Rosa
      • People Need Love / Merry-Go-Round
      • Ring Ring (English) / She's My Kind of Girl
      • Ring Ring (Swedish) / Åh, vilka tider
      • Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) / I Am Just A Girl

    You can pre-order the records here: ABBA - Der offizielle Deutsche Shop (

    Thanks to Peter Kauczor.

    Ring Ring records

March 21, 2023
  • ABBA Nr. 99 is out now and sent to all members.
    Read on 36 valuable A4 pages all news about ABBA with many exclusive photos and enjoy an exclusive ABBA poster from 1976 at 'Musikladen'. The focus of this issue is ABBA's success and the single appearances in the German language area. We have great prizes to be won again, for example the desired buttons "ABBA Arena First Voyager" plus many more.

    • News Extra
    • Competition with exclusive prizes
    • 'Best of Today' - Björn in a podcast with interesting facts about 'Chiquitita'
    • Tribute to Svenne Hedlund with unpublished photos, including the Hep Stars and Benny plus a previously unpublished exclusive interview with Svenne and Lotta
    • ABBA Discographie Series: Singles from Germany, GDR, Austria, Switzerland - get all infos about the different single pressings
    • 50th Anniversary Songbook: Agnetha Fältskog - En sång om sorg och glädje / Vi har hunnit fram till refrängen
    • Exclusive Reader's Story: The life of Australian ABBA fans

    Like always we are looking forward to your feedback!





March 19, 2023
  • Red Nose Day 2023 - Björn is taking part in this special and funny UK sketch about Eurovision Auditions.

March 17, 2023
  • Björn has been in Helsinki on Wednesday. Universal Music Finland and their Finnish artist Bess have published photos of Björn at Universal office. Newspaper Iltalehti has contacted Universal but they can't tell why Björn is in Helsinki, however it is not because of another musical at Svenska Teatern.

    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen.

    Bjö and Bess

March 15, 2023
  • The first Taubedagen (day to celebrate the music of Evert Taube) took place in Gothenburg on March 12.
    Benny was one of the performers. Here you can watch the song "Som stjärnor små" performed by Benny and Gothenburg's New Girl Choir.
    Another video clip is on the fund Stiftelsen Taubes Värld's (formed by Benny, Björn and Håkan Hellström) Instagram account.
    Myrra Malmberg (known for involvement on Agnetha's album A) has published a photo with Benny on Instagram.

    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen.

    Benny and Myrra Malmberg

February 23, 2023
    GEMA and CISAC hold "Music meets Politics" event on streaming for authors
    CISAC President Björn Ulvaeus joined German Federal Justice Minister Dr Marco Buschmann and many artists and politicians in a special event in Berlin to discuss a fairer streaming world for music creators. The event covered issues that are vital to the careers and livelihoods of creators in the streaming world, including copyright, fair remuneration, transparency and cultural diversity. GEMA CEO Dr Harald Heker and CISAC Director General Gadi Oron attended the event, hosted by GEMA at its offices on February 9th.
    GEMA has produced a comprehensive study on the music streaming market, published last year, analysing the challenges faced by music creators in the streaming market.

    Special thanks to Birte Ehlers.

    Björn in Berlin, 9 February 2023

  • "We're thrilled here at ILM to have brought home a VES Award this week for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project on ABBA Voyage! Congratulations to ILM's Ben Morris, Edward Randolph, Stephen Aplin, Ian Comley, and the rest of the ABBA Voyage team!"

    Special thanks to Birte Ehlers.

    Industrial Light & Magic

  • On 12 February 2023 Björn attended the 10cc concert at Stockholm's Konserthuset!
    "It was a pleasure and an honour to meet Björn Ulvaeus who came backstage to say hi to us after our gig at the Konserthuset in Stockholm last night. Rick Fenn is a friend of Björn's godson Calle and it was through him that the invitation was extended. It was a truly great night to remember." Graham (Gouldman)

    Special thanks to Birte Ehlers.

    Björn and 10CC Björn and 10CC

  • From Svana Gisla's Instagram account - Benny and Bryn Terfel visited ABBA Voyage on 17 February 2023.

    Benny in London, 17 February 2023

  • As we told you earlier, ABBA were nominated for a Grammy in four categories. ABBA deserved it so much but unfortunately they didn't win.
    Congratulations to the winners:
    • Harry Styles (Album of the year, Best Pop Vocal Album)
    • Lizzo (Record of the year)
    • Sam Smith & Kim Petras (Best Pop Group/Pop Duo)

  • Seven years ago famous Swedish Musikfestivalen conductor Anders Berglund and violinist Christian Svarfvar got the idea of an album with music by Benny Andersson arranged for violin and symphony orchestra. Last September recordings took place with the London Symphony Orchestra. Material was mixed by Bernard Löhr and Benny came to listen to the recordings and seemed to like what he heard. The album called "The symphonic touch of Benny Andersson" includes 12 songs as instrumentals, material from ABBA, BAO, CHESS and Kristina från Duvemåla. The release date is April 14 and Money, Money, Money will be issued as a single on March 10.

    Track list:
    • I let the music speak
    • Anthem
    • I wonder
    • Money, Money, Money
    • Stockholm by night
    • Someone else's story
    • Chess
    • Ett herrans underverk
    • Flickornas rum
    • Intermezzo No. 1
    • Vilar glad. I din famn
    • You and I

    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen.

    Christian Svarfvar, Benny, Anders Berglund

January 23, 2023
  • First Evert Taube Day (Taubedagen) takes place on March 12 in Gothenburg. Benny Andersson and Lars Rudolfsson will be two of the performers. Also many other artists including Peter Nordahl and Myrra Malmberg, known from work on Agnetha's album "A" will appear.
    Benny, Björn, Håkan Hellström and now late Sven-Bertil Taube formed a few years ago the fund Stiftelsen Evert Taubes Värld to keep the legacy of legendary songwriter Evert Taube alive.

    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen.

January 15, 2023January 10, 2023
  • Swedish TV's programme "Din hjärna" (Your brain) has creativity as subject in their January 24 episode. Benny is one of the guests and tells how he has created his timeless music.
    It will become available outside Sweden at SVT Play.
    Here are photos from Jenny Redenkvist's and Karin Funk's Instagrams. Benny has attended the audience of the "Thank you for the music" tribute concert at Oscarsteatern in Stockholm on November 2.

    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen.

    Benny at Oscarsteatern - Photo by Jenny Redenkvist & Karin Funk

January 5, 2023
  • ABBA Fan Club Editor Regina Grafunder has talked to Delius Klasing Verlag GmbH about ABBA and the book 'ABBA Thank You For The Music' (by Carl Magnus Palm) in a German Podcast.

    Podcast with Regina

December 30, 2022
  • Björn is guest editing the "Today" programme on BBC Radio 4 on Friday December 30 at 6 AM - 9 AM (German time 7 - 10 AM). On the BBC website you can now listen to the programme until the end of January!
    Here is a PDF article (1,7 MB) about it.

    Special thanks to Eileen McDonald!

December 23, 2022
  • Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

December 16, 2022
  • Benny's Birthday

December 5, 2022
  • Sven 'Svenne' Hedlund, Hep Stars member and together with his former wife Lotta closely connected to ABBA, has sadly passed away at the age of 77.

    Sven Hedlund - Photo © Micke Bayart
    Photo: Micke Bayart

  • Enjoy this new interview with Björn and British journalist Emma Barnett: ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus: We Took a Risk and It Paid Off | Emma Barnett Meets

  • Some traditions never go out of fashion... Getting in the festive spirit, Björn and Ian McKellen reunited once more for their annual knitting circle.
    Here's your first look: Sir Ian McKellen "joins" ABBA | ABBA Voyage

  • Pippi will return to the Cirkus venue in Stockholm next summer between 15th June to 20th August.

  • Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus and Jamie Oliver were named as BBC Radio 4 Today programme's Christmas Guest Editors.

    Special thanks to Petra Zufelde.

November 21, 2022
  • Broadway Benefit Performance of Chess:
    It was announced this week that there will be a one-night only performance on Broadway of Chess on December 12th in New York City as a benefit for The Entertainment Community Fund (formerly, The Actors Fund) - the performing arts & entertainment industry's largest support group that aids its members with numerous services. It will star theater/television/film performers Darren Criss as Freddie, Lena Hall as Florence, and Solea Pfeiffer as Svetlana. Ramin Karimloo will be reprising the role of Anatoly (from the 2018 Washington D.C. Kennedy Center production featured in No. 83), as will the writer (Danny Strong) and director (Michael Mayer).
    Information and tickets can be found here.

    Special thanks to Michael Polito.

November 19, 2022
  • Watch Ravi's charity music video of the song 'A Million Dreams' - Björn supports this wonderful project and can be seen in the video. All funds go to two essential brain tumour charities, The Brain Tumour Charity and brainstrust.

  • ABBA Voyage Show has been considered one of the most influential projects of 2022 by PMI (Project Management Institute).
    And this podcast includes an interesting interview with Alicia Tkacz, a partner and architect at entertainment architecture studio Stufish in London who worked with ABBA to create the ABBA Arena.

    Special thanks to Joaquim Jo!

  • We got these infos from Polydor / Universal Music:

    This month, ABBA's comeback album 'Voyage' celebrated one year! In case you missed it, Frida sent a special message to all the fans over on Instagram.

    Last Thursday, nine clips from the TV Special 'ABBA In Concert' premiered on YouTube.
    Experience live performances such as 'Voulez-Vous', 'Dancing Queen' and 'Summer Night City' all recorded back in 1979 at the Wembley Arena in London.

November 15, 2022
  • ABBA are nominated for 4 Grammy Awards!
    This will take place on February 5, 2023.
    Grammy Awards 2023 Grammy Awards 2023

  • Frida's Birthday

November 11, 2022
  • ABBA received an award for 2,5M sales so far after one year of the Voyage release. In the photo: Joakim Johansson (managing director Universal Music Sweden), Benny Andersson, Görel Hanser, Mia Segolsson (GM Polar Music International AB).

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen.

    Joakim Johansson, Benny, Görel Hanser, Mia Segolsson

November 3, 2022
  • ABBA No. 98 is out now and sent to all members.
    This is a very special '50 Years Celebration Issue' since we have lots of historical events to celebrate! First of all we celebrate 50 Years of ABBA! ABBA have released their very first single 'People Need Love' in 1972 and therefore we have chosen a very special cover to celebrate this fantastic milestone. This new issue features lots of other anniversaries and contains a beautiful A3 size poster of ABBA on stage in May 2022, showing four very emotional people! This special edition is full of competitions throughout the magazine and we have no less than 25 prizes to be won!

    Content of this special issue:
    • News Extra
    • 50th Anniversary Report: People Need A & B & B & A
    • 30th Anniversary Report: ABBA Gold
    • 1st Anniversary Report: ABBA Voyage
    • New Book Publications: ABBA in Deutschland 1973-1983 - Exclusive Interview with author Micke Bayart
    • New Book Publications: ABBA Die Diskografie - Exclusive Interview with author Jean-Marie Potiez
    • New Book Publications: ABBA Thank You For The Music Feature about author Carl Magnus Palm
    • Tribute to Olivia Newton-John
    • Special Premiere Report: Pippi At The Circus
    • 20th Anniversary Report: Musical Mamma Mia! in Germany - Exclusive Interviews with Rose-Anne Van Elswijk (Sophie) and Sabine Mayer (Donna)
    • Don't miss the very special photo on the backside of our magazine!

    This isssue also contains many previously unpublished photos. Like always we are looking forward to your feedback!





October 26, 2022
  • Unfortunately there are no plans for Benny Anderssons Orkester to go on tour in 2023. But BAO will be the house band in the four last episodes of Swedish Broadcasting Company SVT's show "På Spåret". Dates are January 27, February 3, February 10 and finale on February 17.

    Special Thanks to Pentti Koponen.

  • Per Sundin, CEO of Pophouse, posted this lovely picture on Instagram and 'new adventures, Singapore' ... that's quite a Voyage going there. Per Sundin, Christina Sas and Björn
    Photo: perurban | instagram

  • There is a nice article about Riksmixningsverket (the studio where ABBA Voyage was recorded) in Billboard.
    Billboard article
    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen.

  • CHESS had its last performance in Moscow on October 16, 2022 after almost 600 performances in 2 years. Thanks to Dmitry Shipov.
    Last CHESS in Moscow

  • This unique limited-edition single is released on 7" vinyl as a collector's edition to celebrate New Year 2023. Features the tracks "Happy New Year" and "Felicidad", pressed on gold vinyl with unique artwork. Features die-cut cover and numbered sleeve. Limited to 5,000 copies.
    You can order your copy here: ABBA - Der offizielle Deutsche Shop
    Happy New Year / Felicidad Happy New Year / Felicidad

  • Musikförläggarna, organization of Swedish music publishers announced nominees for their 2022 prizes.
    Winners will be announced in a gala at Grand Hotel Stockholm on November 11.
    Nominees in category "International success of the year" are:
    • 1. Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus
      A generally grand comeback for ABBA, including acclaimed Avatar show in London and the compilation 'Gold' celebrating 40th anniversary. And the new music also reached out widely. The album "Voyage" reached number 2 on the Billboard chart. The single "I Still Have Faith In You" brought their first nomination for the Grammy Awards. The second one, "Don't Shut Me Down", reached Top 10 in eleven countries.
    • 2. Klas Åhlund, Salem Al Fakir, Vincent Pontare, Tobias Forge & Max Grahn
    • 3. Martin "Max Martin" Sandberg & Oscar Holter
    • 4. Snoh Aalegra

    Special Thanks to our friend Pentti Koponen.

  • Björn attended Mamma Mia! The Party in Gothenburg in order to celebrate the show's first anniversary on October 13, 2022.
    Mamma Mia! The Party / © ZAP Group Mamma Mia! The Party / © ZAP Group Mamma Mia! The Party / © ZAP Group
    Photos: © ZAP Group

  • Björn showed up at ABBA Voyage on October 7, 2022
    Björn in London / © ABBA Voyage
    Photo: ABBA Voyage

  • The German version of Carl Magnus Palm's wonderful book "ABBA - Thank You For The Music" in German language is available in two editions. The Deluxe Edition is printed in limited edition of 1,000 pieces only and contains an exclusive huge ABBA Poster (size 70 x 100 cm!!) with a photo taken by Bubi Heilemann - both poster and book put into a luxurious box. Each poster is personally signed by Bubi Heilemann. He also took the brilliant photo of ABBA in blue satin outfits for the title cover.
    ABBA - Thank You For The Music ABBA - Thank You For The Music limited edition

    All ABBA Fan Club members will have a chance to win a copy of the book in our next ABBA Issue #98

  • Benny showed up at ABBA Voyage on September 29, 2022 Benny in London / © ABBA Voyage
    Photo: ABBA Voyage

  • Benny, Birgitta Wollgård and ABBA The Museum recently got their own copies of the book 'ABBA in Deutschland'.
    More info on the making of the book plus an exclusive raffle in our upcoming issue.
    Micke Bayart's book
    All photos Micke Bayart

September 21, 2022
  • Happy 30th Anniversary ABBA Gold!
    ABBA Gold was released on September 21, 1992 for the very first time and took ABBA back onto the Top of the chart lists.
    It is the ABBA album that has been re-released the most.
    To celebrate its ongoing success, the album will be re-released again on September 23, 2022 in these formats:
    • 2 LP Picture Disc on Heavyweight-Vinyl
    • MC on golden cassette
    • MC on black cassette
    • 2 LP on Gold Vinyl on 180g Vinyl that was available before

    All ABBA Fan Club Members will have the chance to win a copy of the Picture Discs and MCs in our next ABBA Issue # 98.

    ABBA Gold Picture Disc
    ABBA Gold Cassette
    ABBA Gold Black Cassette
    ABBA Gold LP

September 19, 2022
  • ABBA - Die Diskographie by Jean-Marie Potiez is available now! This German book version contains all ABBA and Solo albums, including ABBA's Voyage album plus lots of fantastic photos. It is different to the original French version and contains 208 pages on high quality paper, 300 x 300 mm size (Album size). ABBA 's Editor Regina Grafunder and her daughter Anna Lucy Grafunder translated the book into German. Available through HEEL Verlag. ABBA Fan Club Members can win a copy of this book in our next Fan Club Issue #98.

    ABBA - Die Diskographie
    ABBA - Die Diskographie
    ABBA - Die Diskographie
    ABBA - Die Diskographie
    ABBA - Die Diskographie
    ABBA - Die Diskographie
    ABBA - Die Diskographie

  • Frida went to see Voyage again on September 15.

    Frida in London Frida in London
    Photos: ABBAVoyage / Instagram

  • Mamma Mia! Das Musical is back at the Stage Theatre Neue Flora in Hamburg 20 years after the first German premiere. The smash-hit premiere was sparkling with the performers Sabine Mayer (Donna), Karim Khawatmi (Sam) and Rose-Anne Van Elswijk (Sophie)! Rose-Anne gave us a great interview, you can read it in our next ABBA Fan Club magazine.

    Mamma Mia! in Hamburg

August 27, 2022
  • TV on Saturday 27: German TV WDR at 20:15 "Legendär - Unsere Helden der 70er Jahre". (Legendary - Our Heroes of the 70s) ABBA are included. Together with host Riccardo Simonetti and ABBA's costume designer Owe Sandström the ABBA Fan Club leader Regina Grafunder was in the ABBA Museum.

    ABBA Museum in Stockholm
    ABBA Museum in Stockholm
    ABBA Museum in Stockholm

  • Our team-member Micke Bayart has written a new book in German about ABBA's career in Germany - 'ABBA in Deutschland 1973-1983', which is out now (Charles Verlag, Hamburg). On 300 pages it presents chronologically the group's career in West - but also in East Germany and is illustrated with unique photos. For his latest book, Micke has personally interviewed companions of the group both from West and East Germany as well as in Sweden. More on the book in our next issue #98 where we also will have an exclusive raffle for our members.

    ABBA in Deutschland 1973-1983

  • "It's big to get Rockbjörnen and it's of course even bigger to get Rockbjörnen when someone like us stopped being active as a group 40 years ago, it's a little bit like a miracle", said Björn Ulvaeus in a video message on August 18 and thanked the readers of the Swedish paper 'Aftonbladet' voting for ABBA as group of the year.

    Björn Ulvaeus

  • Premiere and preview tickets can be won!
    Mamma Mia! - It starts again! On September 11, 2022 is the premiere of the German version Mamma Mia! Das Musical in Hamburg at the Stage Theatre Neue Flora. We will raffle tickets for all our ABBA Fan Club members for the premiere and the preview at September 10! All members will soon get a mail with more infos. More tickets for the show are here.

    Mamma Mia! in Hamburg

August 18, 2022
  • The fantastic singer Olivia Newton-John has died on August 8, 2022. She was a great friend of the ABBA members since the Grand Prix 1974. Frida and Agnetha have written touching words.

    Brighton 1974
    Frida about Olivia Newton-John
    Agnetha about Olivia Newton-John

  • The new ABBA calendar 2023 by German Heel Verlag is now available. We recommend it very much, it has a high quality. You can win a calendar in our next ABBA issue Nr. 98.

    ABBA Calendar 2023

August 5, 2022
  • ABBA Nr. 97 is out now and sent to all members.
    It is an ABBA Voyage Special Concert Edition. Enjoy exclusive reports and photos of both premiere days and the Opening Day. Read everything about these special days on 40 (!) high quality A4 pages. A great thank you to all our wonderful members, who gave us great reports and photos for this special edition. This magazine contains a double-sided poster.

    Content of this special issue:
    • Everything about the Premiere and Opening Day
    • All four ABBA members leaving their hotel
    • ABBA arriving at the ABBA arena
    • Interviews by ABBA on the red carpet in front of the ABBA arena
    • The ABBA Voyage Show
    • ABBA on stage at the end of the ABBA Voyage Show Premiere
    • First impressions by Björn and Benny
    • ABBA Voyage Merchandise Catalogue
    • Impressions by the ABBA members
    • Double-sided poster of ABBA on the red carpet / as ABBAtars on stage

    Have lots of fun with the magazine and like always we are looking forward to your feedback!





  • Happy 30th birthday, 'ABBA Gold'!

    As of September 23rd, it will be available in formats such as Picture Disc Vinyl, Gold Vinyl and Cassette.

    ABBA Gold

July 27, 2022
  • The premiere of Pippi på Circus on 12 July was a big success, with Björn and his partner Christina, and also Inger Nilsson (the original Pippi), among others, attending the show. Our member Sabine Bayerl was lucky to talk to Björn.

    Bjön and Christina going to Pippi at Cirkus - Photo © Sabine Bayerl, Germany
    Bjön and Sabine - Photo © Sabine Bayerl, Germany
    Photos © Sabine Bayerl, Germany. More in our magazine # 98.

  • The first public preview of Pippi at Cirkus was on 1 July in Stockholm with a couple of more previews to follow. The audience loved the youthful and enthusiastic performance. More in our magazine #98.

    Pippi at Cirkus - Photo: Micke Bayart
    Pippi at Cirkus - Photo: Micke Bayart
    Photos: Micke Bayart /

  • Here is a lovely new photo of Agnetha who attended the premiere of the movie 'Elvis' in Stockholm on June 21st.

    Agnetha - Photo: Karin Törnblom
    Photo: Karin Törnblom

  • The soundtrack 'Pippi på Cirkus' is now available, including guest appearances by Björn Dixgård (of Mando Diao), Helen Sjöholm and Benjamin Ingrosso amongst others. Music by Benny & Björn as well as others. More info on

June 10, 2022
  • ABBA Nr. 96 is out now and sent to all members.
    Lots of things happened worldwide since our latest ABBA Fan Club issue in February 2022. We can't evade this influence, so the new magazine is shaped by "Ode to Freedom"! Read all news on 36 valuable A4 pages about ABBA, Björn's moving speech about the war in the Ukraine, enjoy the exclusive unpublished photos and an ABBA poster!
    Please keep in mind there will be another exclusive magazine by ABBA about the ABBA Voyage Show as soon as possible!

    • News Extra with all the news and exclusive photos
    • Competition - win the book "ABBA-Populäre Irrtümer und andere Wahrheiten" signed by the author, an exclusive Frida Beyond ABBA promotional poster for this book and the picture disc single "Waterloo" from 2014
    • Everything about the ABBA Voyage Show before the premiere
    • Exclusive press conference about Pippi på Circus with Björn
    • Exclusive report - You And I Have A Reason To Remember, incl. Björn's speech about the war in the Ukraine
    • Agnetha in the TV show Wetten, dass...? 1983 with exclusive unpublished photos
    • Exclusive interview with Remko van Drongelen, the author of the book "Frida Beyond ABBA", with exclusive unpublished photos
    • Songbook: Hey Grand Ol'Man, To Live With You, Lycka, Hey Musikant

    Have lots of fun with the magazine and like always we are looking forward to your feedback!





  • Mamma Mia! The Party celebrated its thousandth performance at Rondo yesterday! In connection with the celebration, the handprints of ABBA (which were made in connection with ABBA's concerts at Scandinavium on January 29 and 30, 1977) had been revealed.

    © Karin Törnblom / Zap PR
    Photo: © Karin Törnblom / Zap PR

May 27, 2022
  • The premiere of ABBA Voyage was a great success. All 4 ABBA members came together to the premiere, they let themselves being photographed on the red carpet and gave interviews. At the end of the show they went onto the stage again for a moment, visibly touched.

    ABBA in London - © IBL
    Photo: © IBL

    ABBA Voyage in London - © Universal
    Photo: © Universal

May 25, 2022
  • "Rather than recreating a 'nostalgic' 1970s look for ABBA Voyage, our vision, along with director Baillie Walsh, was to dress the band as the contemporary pop stars they are." - Svana Gisla and Ludvig Andersson, Producers of ABBA Voyage

    ABBA Voyage dresses ABBA Voyage dresses ABBA Voyage dresses ABBA Voyage dresses ABBA Voyage dresses>

  • Earlier this week, ABBA received the Swedish honorary and special music award 'Grammis'. Görel Hanser was there to collect it and Frida thanked via a pre-recorded audio message her band colleagues and all the people who embraced their music throughout the years.

  • On May 18th, Björn attended the press conference for the upcoming musical Pippi at Circus which will have its premiere on 1 July in Stockholm. Some of the new songs were also played to the joy of everyone present. More in the next issue of our magazine.

    Pippi at Cirkus - © Micke Bayart Pippi at Cirkus - © Anna Lucy Grafunder

  • ABBA 's editor Regina Grafunder has given an interview to the wonderful Riccardo Simonetti at ABBA The Museum. More infos to follow soon.

    Regina and Riccardo Simonetti - © Anna Lucy Grafunder Regina and Riccardo Simonetti - © Anna Lucy Grafunder

  • On his birthday, Björn received in Stockholm the Swedish QX Gala award for ABBA's 'Don't Shut Me Down' as best song of the year.

    Björn - Photo: Adrian Beck
    Photo: QX/Adrian Beck

April 25, 2022
  • Best Wishes to Björn

April 6, 2022
  • New Lyric Video!
    Today is the anniversary of ABBA winning the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1974 with 'Waterloo'. To celebrate this historical moment the new lyric video for 'Waterloo' premiered today on YouTube.

  • On April 2, Björn held a passionate opening speech on the ongoing war in Ukraine during a fund-raising event at Avicii Arena in Stockholm.
    Here is the video with English subtitles.

    Björn on Swedish TV Björn on Swedish TV Björn on Swedish TV

  • And here is the breath taking performance of "Ode To Freedom" with Benny on the piano at Konserthuset on April 2.

April 5, 2022
  • Best Wishes to Agnetha

April 4, 2022
  • Unfortunately ABBA did not win the "Record of the Year" Grammy Award. In November they were nominated for the first time for "I Still Have Faith In You".
    Here is the list of nominations and winners.

March 31, 2022
  • All ABBA Vinyl Albums on Picture Discs! ABBA's Studio Album Picture Disc release includes all of ABBA's prized studio albums Ring Ring, Waterloo, ABBA, Arrival, The Album, Voulez Vous, Super Trouper, The Visitors and Voyage.
    Very limited-edition while stocks last. The Picture Discs will be released on June 10, 2022. Albums can be ordered seperately or as a bunch here.

    Vinyl Picture Discs

  • New ABBA Box on CD! ABBA's complete CD album collection has been updated to include new studio album Voyage for the very first time. The 10CD set also comes with the Bonus Tracks disc, featuring singles including Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) & Fernando.
    This collection also features a new 40-page booklet.
    The box will be published on May 27, 2022 and can be pre-ordered here.

    CD Album Box Set CD Album Box Set

  • New ABBA Box on Vinyl! ABBA's complete vinyl album collection has been updated to include new studio album Voyage for the very first time.
    The 10LP set also comes with the Bonus Tracks disc, featuring singles including Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) & Fernando.
    All albums are pressed on 180g heavyweight black vinyl and housed in a bespoke box.
    The Box will be published on May 27, 2022 and can be pre-ordered here.

    Vinyl Album Box Set Vinyl Album Box Set

  • The response to ABBA's new lyric video for "Chiquitita" was amazing! And with a very special anniversary coming up on April 6th, it would be more fitting than having "Waterloo" receive its very own official lyric video. The watch page launches on ABBA's You Tube Channel on April 4th with the video premiering on April 6th.

March 27, 2022
  • The Swedish Government's Music Export Prize for extraordinary services to Swedish music exports 2021 was awarded to ABBA. On the picture Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs Anna Hallberg hands over the prize to Benny and Björn.

    Music Export Prize - Photo: Mia Segelsson
    Photo: Mia Segelsson

March 1, 2022
  • New German ABBA Book 'ABBA - Populäre Irrtümer und andere Wahrheiten' ('Popular mistakes and other truth') by Jürgen Winzer for sale now. Many books have presented the well-known story of ABBA. Jürgen Winzer presents the story of ABBA in a completely different way with some crazy, surprising and amusing details and with a deep respect for ABBA which is very refreshing to read. The book also contains some wonderful photos. Read more about the book in our ABBA Fan Club Issue # 95. And stay tuned for # 96 when you will have the chance to win a signed copy (by the author) of the book.
    You can order the book here.

    New German ABBA Book

  • Björn sent a fantastic video to Tomas Ledin's 70th birthday, singing 'Hej gamle man' in English.

February 23, 2022
  • Björn and Lena Ulvaeus announced that they will divorce after 41 years of marriage. According to Björn, they continue being friends after all those years.

    Divorce for Björn Ulvaeus

  • Stockholm-based entertainment company Pophouse is now ready to present its new board in full, having brought in senior executives with backgrounds from companies such as Disney, Airbnb, Manchester United, Cirque du Soleil and EQT. The newest additions - Catherine Powell, Global Head of Hosting at Airbnb, and Alexandra Lutz, partner at EQT - join Pophouse chairman, former Manchester United executive Michael Bolingbroke, co-owners Conni Jonsson and Björn Ulvaeus, group CEO Per Sundin, Universal executive Frank Briegmann, and Per-Arne Blomquist, former CFO of SEB, on the board.

    Voyage Concert Arena

  • The book 'Frida Beyond ABBA' by author Remko van Drongelen has now been published. It chronologically details the musical output of Anni-Frid Lyngstad, during her professional and non-professional career as a solo artist from the mid-fifties to the present. From her stage debut in 1956, her first semi-professional recordings at the age of thirteen, leading up to the success with ABBA and the international solo-career that followed after, the book details musicians, studios, venues, songs and background information.

    Look forward to # 96 - then you can win the book signed by the author plus exclusive promo posters. You can order the book here:

    Frida Beyond ABBA Book

February 10, 2022
  • 'No Doubt About It' is the new focus track from the album 'ABBA Voyage'. A focus track is the mostly streamed song of an album not already released as a single and it will be considered for the single charts. In the first two chart weeks after release of an album, only the focus track, which is the mostly streamed song of the album not released as a single, is considered for the single charts. All other tracks of the album are excluded from the single charts.
    It is not a physical CD single.

February 6, 2022
  • ABBA Nr. 95 is out now and sent to all members.
    ABBA's voyage goes on and we celebrate in our new issue together with you the worldwide Nr. 1 album from our favourite band - ABBA Voyage! Read on 36 A4 pages all news around ABBA Voyage, exclusive interviews and look forward to a fantastic ABBA poster with a picture from winter 2019!

    • News Extra with all the news and exclusive photos
    • Competition - win the new ABBA CD singles, an exclusive ABBA Voyage promotion poster and the new book 'The Legacy of ABBA Vol. 2', signed by the author and many participants (like Björn's former band colleague from the Hootenanny Singers Tonny Roth, ABBA's photographer Anders Hanser etc.)
    • Reader's Stories: ABBA Voyage - Fan Reactions
    • Interview with Frida from BBC Radio with Zoe Ball
    • Interviews from the whole world with Björn and Benny
    • Exclusive Interview with Lasse Wellander, the guitarist from 'I Still Have Faith In You' and 'Don't Shut Me Down'
    • Mamma Mia! The Party Premiere in Gothenburg
    • ABBA Voyage Promotion in Germany
    • Exclusive Interview with Elisabeth Vincentelli - Understanding ABBA in the US
    • Songbook for 50th anniversary: The Language of Love

    Have lots of fun with the magazine and like always we are looking forward to your feedback!





January 27, 2022
  • ABBA editor Regina was on German TV SAT 1 Regional Hanover with the ABBA theme yesterday. You can watch it online here.

January 26, 2022
  • ABBA - The Official Newsletter from Universal Music:

    Björn has just launched a new radio show with Apple! He sits down with fellow musicians including Nile Rodgers, Catherine Johnson and Johan Renck to talk about everything from songwriting to the band's return to music last year.
    All episodes are available to stream now, only on Apple Music.

January 7, 2022
  • Wonderful news - ABBA's Voyage is also at No. 1 of UK's best selling vinyl albums 2021!

    UK vinyl albums 2021

January 6, 2022
  • Many reports and magazine special editions about ABBA were published in the last weeks, so you lost the overview easily. Here are some:

    German special edition Hossa Goldstars: ABBA German special edition Wissen Heute: ABBA English version: The Ultimate Guide to ABBA

December 23, 2021
  • Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

December 16, 2021
  • Benny's Birthday - Photo © Ines Dünkel

December 11, 2021
  • ABBA's album 'Voyage' is Germany's # 1 album of the year! With over 235k album sales the first week it became the best international launch in over six years. The album even sold more than the rest of the Top 100 combined during launch week and has gone double platinum! 'Voyage' spent 3 weeks at # 1 on the Official German Chart, making it the longest chart topping album this year.

    © Tove Floss
    Photo © Tove Floss

December 8, 2021
  • The German magazine Bravo has a new special edition "Bravo Helden" about ABBA. You can buy it in many stores or order it from Amazon.
    The special edition contains 96 pages with exclusive interviews (for example with Bubi Heilemann) and reports plus great photos.
    We are very proud of the 4 pages with Regina and the ABBA- Fan Club. What a fantastic honour!

    Bravo Helden (Heroes): ABBA Bravo Helden: ABBA with Regina

December 2, 2021
  • Join the ABBA Advent calendar and celebrate Christmas with Agnetha, Björn, Benny & Anni-Frid!
    You will find daily competitions with unique prizes, riddles and many more surprises!

November 24, 2021
  • Björn attended the 11th awarding ceremony of the Honorary Members of the University Cloister of the Arts, Alcala de Henares, Spain, today. In this picture he acknowledges where the titles of the Honorary Members of the University Cloister of the Arts are given.

    Photo © Shutterstock
    Björn © Shutterstock

  • ABBA has earned its very first ever Grammy Awards nomination (the US National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) for "Record of the Year" for "I Still Have Faith In You"!!
    The Grammys are the most prestigious music awards in the country. Congratulations to Benny, Björn, Bernard Löhr & Björn Engelmann for this incredible honor!
    The ceremony will be held on January 31, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
    Thanks to Michael Polito!

    ABBA nominated for US Grammy Awards

November 23, 2021
  • Magazine Special 'Pop Classics - ABBA Das Sonderheft' is still available here and from Amazon.
    We will have magazines to give away for ABBA Fan Club Members soon. More infos to follow.
    ABBA - Das Sonderheft - POP CLASSICS # 2

November 19, 2021
  • Congratulations to ABBA! The success story for ABBA Voyage continues!

    • ABBA Voyage sold more than one million albums worldwide in the first week of its release! The streaming is more than 190 millions!
    • ABBA Voyage is at # 1 once again this week in Germany! There are 3 ABBA albums in the German top 25 at the same time!
    • ABBA Voyage was the the most successful start of an album for more than 2,5 years in Germany and the biggest album release of an international act for the past six years.
    • ABBA Voyage will be at # 1 of the charts of the year 2021 (to be published in the beginning of December)
    • ABBA Voyage is at # 1 in the UK, being the tenth #1 in the album charts in the UK. It has the biggest first-week-sales of the past 4 years and it already is the fastest selling album of the year! Additional, no other vinyl was sold faster in this century than ABBA Voyage!
    • ABBA Voyage is at #1 in the album charts in the USA - the biggest chart success ever for ABBA in the USA! No other band than ABBA has sold more records within one week only!
    • ABBA Voyage is the biggest album debut of the year 2021 in Australia!
    • ABBA Voyage got Platinum in Germany and is also Gold and Platinum in other countries!
    • ABBA Voyage is already the 'biggest international album of the year' in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan and Australia!

    Many thanks to Universal, Germany!
    © Baillie Walsh
    Photo © Baillie Walsh

November 17, 2021
  • Here are the official US charts, showing Voyage at #2 on the Top 200 chart and #1 on the Album chart.
    Thanks to Michael Polito!

    US Top Album Sales    Billboard 200

  • On 3 December the Christmas song 'Little Things' will be released as a single.
    ABBA: Little Things

  • A Thank You note from Frida:
    Frida: Thank You

  • On Thursday, November 18 German Radio Dreyeckland will broadcast an ABBA "Voyage" Special by Gaymusic at 19:30 local time, where ABBA editor Regina will appear in a short interview.
    The show will be repeated on Friday, November 19 at 13:30.

  • Voyage is #1 in many countries!
    Voyage is #1 in these charts

November 15, 2021
  • Voyage has debuted at #2 on the US charts - the highest position for any studio album in the group's entire career and their very first top ten album!!!!

    Voyage also has the distinction of being:
    The biggest selling album of the week
    The largest sales week for an album by a group in the United States for the entire year of 2021

    Special thanks to our US correspondent Michael Polito!

  • Frida's Birthday

November 13, 2021November 4, 2021
  • Helen Sjöholm has been interviewed by Nöjeslivet. To the question "are there any future plans for Benny Anderssons Orkester" Helen says:
    "No, not anything that I know about. Now it is 'ABBAtars' and this whole release that has created so much which is fantastically fun. That's what will last for a while now. Sure, it would be fun to do something, but I do not know. It's a bit of a national folkpark institution."

    Will Helen see the ABBA show in London?
    "It would be great fun, but not for a while now. I have hard to imagine it, if you can get away it would be fun but I do not know."

  • Aftonbladet has published a short preview of a longer interview with Benny. The full version follows later this week. Benny praises Björn's lyrics and says that Björn's ability to tell a story in 3.5 minutes is fascinating. He mentions KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU and THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL as such songs. Benny tells that on the new album lyrics handle for example shared custody and a woman who has had an alcohol problem.
    The writer of the article thinks that NO DOUBT ABOUT IT sounds like like a big ensemble number in a musical. When asked about a potential third MAMMA MIA! film Benny tells, with a big laughter, that after hearing VOYAGE Judy Craymer has said that it is a new album of which they can make a new film. Benny had replied that "I don't think so". But adds that one must never say never.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

November 3, 2021
  • ABBA are on the cover of this month's German Rolling Stone magazine.
    A store in Berlin is opening Thursday at 23:59 for the ABBA Voyage album release.
    Berlin trams with ABBA Voyage livery

    Many thanks to Gareth!

    Rolling Stone Magazine    Store in Berlin

    Tram in Berlin    Tram in Berlin

November 1, 2021
  • Here is a great interview with Benny in English.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

  • 'I Still Have Faith In You' is the title song of the German RTL TV charity donation marathon 2021. Here is a little interview with Björn.

  • On Monday, November 1, the German TV NDR will report in 'Mein Nachmittag' about ABBA's comeback and 'Voyage'.
    ABBA 's Fan Club leader Regina Grafunder will be connected live from Melle, talking about the comeback!
    Broadcast is from 16:10 - 17:00 local time.

  • This week's Sunday New York Times features a fantastic Voyage article (also available online) called "ABBA Takes a Chance With Its Legacy", including an in-person interview with Benny & Björn, as well conversations with their collaborators/management, and interesting facts and insights about ABBA's history and career, particularly in the States. It is written by Elisabeth Vincentelli, who besides being a respected performing arts critic and features writer, is the acclaimed author of two ABBA books and will be featured in an upcoming exclusive interview by our US correspondent, Michael Polito.

    New York Times article

  • Benny is again collaborating with director Marie-Louise Ekman and actress Marie Göranzon. Ekman will direct August Strindberg's classic play 'Fröken Julie' (Miss Julie) starring Göranzon with premiere at Dramaten theatre in Stockholm on February 24, 2022.
    Dramaten's press release states "Music by Benny Andersson" while press articles write about "new music by Benny Andersson". The two ladies and Benny have worked together for example on "Försökskaninerna" at Dramaten in 2017.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

  • Helen Sjöholm, who is going on tour, has given a long interview for Expressen. ABBA's comeback was also discussed:
    Benny Andersson said in connection with the ABBA comeback that just a few minutes before going to the studio, it struck him that he had not asked the "girls" if they can sing...
    "Yes, and they obviously could. There is timbre, things that fill a voice with age, even if you do not reach the same clarity. It was my thing that I sing clearly and cleanly. I can no longer do that in the same way. You have to forget the keys. You have to. It is not possible to have the ideal of sounding like an unspoiled 25 years old, nor is it interesting to continue like that."

    Many reviewers have actually praised the voices of Agnetha and Anni-Frid now, precisely because you hear the time in them.
    "Yes, and it would have been uninteresting if it had been mixed away. But now it goes right into the heart, at least for us a little older who grew up with their unison, and get to hear the voices to come to us now."

    Speaking of the ABBA comeback: Were you as gladly surprised as the rest of us or did you have some "inside information"?
    "I had some 'inside information'. I had heard one of the songs a long time ago, and even sang a little on it. Benny has material that is constantly evolving. So parts of one of the songs I myself have done a demo. But I had not heard the fully mixed result, so it was the same nice premiere shake for me."

    You have to watch out for the question of a "Kristina från Duvemåla" with avatars. So that it can live forever...
    "Hahaha! Oh my God. It's a fun happening that they do. But for Kristina, I believe living one as the form. But that sensor suit? Give it to me!"

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!
    Helen Sjöholm

October 29, 2021
  • German radio station SWR1 did a Top 1058 Hitparade during this whole week. Here are ABBA's results:

    9      Don't Shut Me Down
    16     I Still Have Faith In You
    65     Dancing Queen
    75    Thank You For The Music
    135   The Winner Takes It All
    202   Mamma Mia
    290   Chiquitita
    382   I Have A Dream
    399   Fernando
    404   Our Last Summer
    412   Waterloo
    465   Eagle
    534   Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
    658   One Of Us
    680   The Day Before You Came
    749   Slipping Through My Fingers
    1051   Move On

    1208   SOS
    1270   Super Trouper
    1278   Knowing Me, Knowing You
    1341   Angeleyes
    1517   When I Kissed The Teacher
    1534   Lay All Your Love On Me
    1606   Happy New Year
    1652   Does Your Mother Know
    1742   Money, Money, Money
    1749   Happy Hawaii
    1818   Take A Chance On Me
    1963   Voulez-Vous

    ABBA are the highest newcomers. The complete list in PDF format (712 KB) can be downloaded here.

October 28, 2021
  • On Saturday November 6, Björn and Benny will appear in the German TV live show 'Wetten dass...' (ZDF at 20:15 local time) to promote the new album 'ABBA Voyage'.
    In December 2013 the ABBA editor Regina Grafunder and her husband were contestants of the show. This time there will be no pure ABBA competition, but one will include 'a bit ABBA'.

  • The Finnish magazine Suomen Kuvalehti has interviewed ABBA THE MUSEUM curator Ingmarie Halling in the eve of ABBA Voyage release.
    Ingmarie tells how Mick Jagger visited the museum and was shocked when he studied ABBA's tour maps. ABBA toured only five months during their career and Jagger couldn't understand how someone can sell so many records without being constantly on the road.
    ABBA's regular guitarist Lasse Wellander was Ingmarie's boyfriend and she got to know ABBA via him in 1975. She listened to Deep Purple, Santana and Frank Zappa. ABBA was not something for Ingmarie, but she of course realized right away that their songs were extremely good.
    In the middle of 70's Ingmarie worked at Riksteatern theatre. When ABBA was about to tour in Australia in March 1977, Frida phoned Ingmarie and asked if she liked to join them. Of course Ingmarie did, she was young and carefree and being on tour was the best thing that she knew.
    Apart from fixing hair and make-up Ingmarie did many other things. For example tour costumes and maintaining them was her responsibility. Costumes were tight and tore easily, Ingmarie washed and repaired them. Her sewing machine is in the tour dressing room of ABBA THE MUSEUM. Many concerts were done at sports arenas, the smell of sportsmen's sweat was rather strong and Ingmarie's job included to make the rooms cozy and fresh. After Australia Ingmarie followed ABBA on all of their tours.
    Ingmarie was working as producer at Viasat Sport when she was chosen as chief of ABBA THE MUSEUM. Today she concentrates on being curator instead of running daily leading. She is still in constant contact with the ABBA members, especially Frida is her good friend, they see each other quite often. Ladies have played a crossword game that reminds Scrabble with their mobiles. Frida always wins which Ingmarie finds annoying.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!
    Ingmarie Halling

October 22, 2021
  • German TV will broadcast many ABBA shows when the new album Voyage is released in two weeks:

    • November 4: PRO7 at 23:55 local time - ABBA - Songs für die Ewigkeit
    • November 4: PRO7 at 1:00 - ABBA in Concert  (Wembley Arena 1979)
    • November 6: ZDF at 20:15 - Wetten dass...  (live with Björn and Benny)
    • November 6: SWR at 22:20 - Die größten Kulthits von ABBA
    • November 6: RTL at 23:25 - Die ultimative Chart Show - Der erfolgreichste ABBA-Song aller Zeiten
    • November 7: ARTE at 16:15 - ABBA Forever: The Winner Takes It All
    • November 9: VOX at 20:15 - Prominent! Spezial  (exclusive new interview with Björn)
    • November 9: VOX at 20:30 - Thank You for the Music - ABBA Forever  (documentation over 4 hours, including Ingmarie Halling, Owe Sandström!)

    Thanks to Peter Kauczor!

October 19, 2021
  • ABBA's fan favourite 'Just A Notion' is out Friday, Oct 22. The song was first recorded back in 1978 but never released - until now.
    Listen to a snippet of the song here.

    The CD Single can be ordered in your local record shop or here.
    Just A Notion - Single

  • Our new ABBA Fan Club Magazine Nr. 94 is out now.
    We celebrate ABBA's journey together with you after 39 years in this special edition - ABBA Voyage. Read all the news about ABBA Voyage on 36 A4-pages! All members have the chance to win an ABBA Voyage Package. Because it happens for the first time in 31 years of the ABBA Fan Club that we announce a brand new ABBA album, we have a very special present for you: An extra big poster, 42 x 60 cm! The poster shows the brand new ABBA photo, on the back side older individual photos with signatures by the ABBA members!

    • News Extra with all the news and exclusive photos
    • Competition - win the new ABBA CD singles and an ABBA Voyage Package
    • Special report: On a journey with ABBA
    • Björn and Benny interview with Zoe Ball
    • Songbook 2021 - I Still Have Faith In You, Don't Shut Me Down, Just A Notion
    • Reader's Stories: Fan Reactions from the historical ABBA event on September 2, 2021
    • Exclusive interviews with Agnetha (by Carolina Norén), Bernhard Löhr and Janne Schaffer
    • Special report: ABBA Voyage - The Catalogue
    • ABBA Voyage Show - A Revolutionary Concert

    Have lots of fun with the magazine and like always we are looking forward to your feedback!






October 18, 2021
  • Björn and his daughter Anna presented on Friday the renovated bath and spa house Varmbadhus in Västervik which is located close to the Slottsholmen hotel.

    Björn also commented the approaching Voyage release:
    "I am very much looking forward to November 5, our pre-orders are completely outstanding, even physical products. This is going to be really fun."

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!
    Björn with his daughter Anna

October 14, 2021
  • 's editor Regina attended last Friday Mamma Mia! The Party's Gothenburg premiere. Apart from talking to Björn, who was joined by his family, she enjoyed the show as well. The audience loved the show! Björn held a short speech after which the cast performed 'Don't Shut Me Down'.

    Björn with Regina and his wife Lena

  • During his stay in Gothenburg last week Björn visited the studio of Per Svenner, one of the drummers of THE PARTY. Svenner also works with Björn on PIPPI PÅ CIRKUS which opens next summer. Beautiful photos of this visit have been published on Per Svenner's Instagram account @persvenner where he writes: 'Sometimes it happens that you have to pinch your arm. Today was one such day. Björn Ulvaeus was at my home in my studio, playing and singing. Together with great friends and musicians we created for the future.'

    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen!
    Björn with Per Svenner

October 2, 2021
  • Today, it's been a month since ABBA announced their wonderful news about their new collaboration. We heard the first two songs from their forthcoming album 'Voyage' and the first details about the new show in London.

    We are extremely happy and proud to announce our next ABBA magazine, number 94, which is in production at the moment. It will be a special edition containing all the new information we have collected since the announcements, and as you can imagine, we have been extremely busy preparing this very special issue for you!

    We really want to celebrate this miracle and hope that you will all join in! Watch this space, as we will provide you with further information as soon as the magazines have arrived from the printer and are ready for despatch.

    We wish you all a great weekend!
    The upcoming issue Nr. 94

October 1, 2021
  • Swedish marketing and communications magazine Resumé published in September a large article about marketing and launching of ABBA Voyage.
    Görel Hanser is one of the persons they interviewed.
    Görel described her role in the Voyage project this way:
    "I am some kind of liaison center, you could say, between the record company Universal, the production company Aniara which produces the show, the (ABBA) members and handle all requests. There are many emails because so many things must be approved. All members are very involved in the work. Everything should be launched with the same language and tonality."
    Apart from Aniara and Universal two British companies are assigned to take care of the packaging and support the strategy of Voyage. These are the full service creative agency TMW Unlimited and PR-agency Dawbell. Swedish company Isotop is responsible for the homepage. When asked how it feels to work with the ABBA project after 40 years, Görel says:
    "It is great fun to be involved in such a modern process. 1982 was a completely different world. Now basically everything happens via social media. I learn a lot from working with all young people from their enthusiasm and knowledge. Last time it was fax and phone calls. Today everything happens so much faster. There was a pressure even then, but it looks completely different today."
    Media has speculated that there's a huge PR machine behind the launch of Voyage. Görel says that the reality looks different:
    "There are only a few persons who hold on the threads and try to make sure that this is as good as possible. If we take the press release, for example, it's the ABBA members who write it themselves. It is them who know best what to include and what not."
    Görel's comments on the launch on September 2:
    "Can you say anything else than that it was a success. It was not very obvious. One can have one's hopes and hope that this will be well received, those they believe in the very best. That was the attitude we had."

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!
    Görel Hanser

September 20, 2021
  • Agnetha gave the Swedish radio an interview for 'Svensktoppen' talking about ABBA's comeback.

  • ABBA are number 1 of the Swedish charts 'Svensktoppen' with 'Don't Shut Me Down'.

September 8, 2021
  • On Sunday September 12, German TV RTL2 will show Mamma Mia! at 20:15 and 3:25 local time.

September 2, 2021September 1, 2021
  • Congratulations to all ABBA Members who have won our ticket raffle for the historical ABBA event on September 2, 2021 in Berlin!
    The historical moment will start at 6:45 PM (European time) live online. Here is the link to the live stream:

    We all look forward to ABBA's upcoming journey!

  • Today's issue of the German newspaper Westfalen-Blatt has a report about ABBA, where Regina is mentioned with a picture.

August 26, 2021
  • Today was officially announced that 'the wait (for the new ABBA songs) is nearly over'. There is an official website about the new songs, where you can register yourself for a newsletter:

  • 'ABBA VOYAGE' - ABBA invites you to a historical event on September 2, 2021!
    A historical evening awaits all fans as the group invites to a unique event after four decades! It will be celebrated around the globe with the title "ABBA Voyage" - from London to Tokyo, Sydney and Berlin!
    Exclusively for our members we will raffle off tickets for the historical ABBA event in Berlin. You can read more infos on our Facebook page. All our members will get a newsmail about it.
    ABBA Voyage

August 15, 2021
  • German TV will repeat the documentary "Songs für die Ewigkeit" and the 1979 concert:

    • Saturday August 21: SAT1 Gold at 20:15 and 0:25 - ABBA - Songs für die Ewigkeit
    • Saturday August 21: SAT1 Gold at 21:10 and 1:20 - ABBA in Concert
    • Friday August 27: RBB at 22:30 - Die 100 schönsten Hits der 70er (Part 1)

    Thanks to Sandra Doß!

July 23, 2021
  • On Friday July 30 German RBB TV will show Die 30 schönsten Hits von ABBA at 22:30 local time.
    Thanks to Sandra Doß!

  • Roland Johansson and Göran Brandels are organising an exhibition about the Hep Stars and Tages in Örebro on September 4, 2021.
    Special thanks to Birte Ehlers.
    Exhibition Hep Stars & Tages

July 9, 2021
  • Our new ABBA Fan Club Magazine Nr. 93 is out now.
    The magazine includes 36 A4-pages with very exclusive, unpublished photos in unique quality. Like always, the summer issue Nr. 93 contains news, special reports, exclusive unpublished photos, very interesting interviews plus one more great poster in the middle of the magazine with a fantastic summer photo from ABBA in Stockholm 1975.

    • News Extra with all the news and photos
    • Competition with great prizes
    • The song of our life
    • Songbook - Single Tracks by Agnetha, Björn & Benny from 1971
    • Special report about the new ABBA songs: ABBA - New music in sight... And the sky seems the limit
    • Special report about ABBA gold & platinum records - read more about the manufacturing of gold & platinum records in an exclusive interview with Anders Hedström, the son of the company Hedström's founder
    • Reader's Story - Gäst Hos Hagge with Frida. A wonderful report from our member Terese Wedelin, who met Frida during the show and backstage and gave us great unpublished photos
    • Special report about Agnetha's 'A' with an exclusive interview by Fredrik Thomander, who worked on the production of the album

    Have lots of fun with the magazine and like always we are looking forward to your feedback.




  • Look forward to ABBA Nr. 93 - tickets & overnight stay to be won!
    Furthermore there will be an exclusive discount for all ABBA members!
    At last the German Tribute Abba Dinner Show will start again after a long break caused by Corona. The premiere will be on August 7, 2021 in Lübeck-Travemünde at the beautiful ATLANTIC Grand Hotel. You can enjoy the fantastic open air show with a great dinner (in case of bad weather the show will take place in the beautiful ballroom).
    In our new issue ABBA Nr. 93, which is released next week, you can win 2 tickets AND one night at the ATLANTIC Grand Hotel! Ticket prices will also be reduced for all ABBA members. More about this in our next magazine. We are looking forward to see you there!
    Tribute Abba Dinner Show    ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Travemünde

July 7, 2021
  • ABBA Gold has amassed 1,000 weeks on the UK chart - the first album to do so.

    ABBA Gold

July 3, 2021
  • On Sunday July 11 German TV RTL will show Mamma Mia! Here we go again at 20:15 and 0:25 local time.
    Thanks to Sandra Doß!

June 20, 2021
  • On Saturday June 26 German TV ZDF Neo will show Mamma Mia! at 20:15 local time.
    Thanks to Sandra Doß!

June 10, 2021
  • New beautiful French book by the brilliant ABBA author Jean-Marie Potiez called 'ABBA Agnetha Björn Benny Anni-Frid'. Jean-Marie tells the history and genesis of each of ABBA's albums and their solo members, recorded between 1964 and 2017. The luxurious book contains photos of ABBA, record sleeves, articles etc. We already had the pleasure of looking through this fantastic book and highly recommend it. The book's size is 30 x 30 cm (!) and contains 208 pages. More about the book in ABBA No. 93.
    You can order it here.

    Jean-Marie Potiez: ABBA

  • German Heel Verlag has published another high quality ABBA calendar for 2022. When we made them aware of the reversed image on the cover and two images inside, the calendar had already been printed. They are completely sorry for that as they didn't know it. In the future Regina will have a say and make sure that this won't happen again.
    You can win a copy of this beautiful calendar in the next issue of ABBA No. 93.
    You can also order a copy here.


May 23, 2021
  • The ZAP Group sent us a link to a video with Björn, where he talks about music streaming services and the music industry.

May 10, 2021
  • Björn has announced in newspaper interviews that the new ABBA songs will be released this autumn.
    Here is the New York Times article.

May 6, 2021
  • On Saturday May 15, German TV will show:
    • WDR at 20:15 - Die schönsten ESC-Momente - Von ABBA bis Lena
    • WDR at 21:45 - Ab in die 70er - Von ABBA bis Frank Zander
    • SWR/SR at 21:50 - Die schönsten ESC-Momente - Von ABBA bis Lena
    • SWR/SR at 23:20 - Die 30 schönsten Hits von ABBA

    Thanks to Sandra Doß!

April 25, 2021
  • Best Wishes to Björn

April 20, 2021
  • Special thanks to Birte Ehlers who made us aware of this open letter to Putin that was, among others, signed by Björn!
    A fantastic sign from the stars, many thanks!

  • Björn was interviewed by the BBC via Zoom and discussed a number of topics, including ABBA's plans and his thoughts about an ABBA biopic.
    The full interview can be watched here.

  • The new edition of Kult! contains an article about Björn and a giant poster of him.
    Kult #24

April 18, 2021
  • German TV will repeat the documentary "Songs für die Ewigkeit" and the 1979 concert:

    • Sunday April 25: SAT1 at 23:45 - ABBA - Songs für die Ewigkeit
    • Sunday April 25: SAT1 at 0:40 - ABBA in Concert

    Thanks to Sandra Doß!

April 5, 2021
  • Best Wishes to Agnetha

April 2, 2021
  • We just heard that German 'Radio 70' is running an ABBA Special from today on. It will be repeated until Easter Monday.
    More infos are here:

March 28, 2021
  • On Easter weekend, German TV has two hit shows with ABBA and the documentary "Songs für die Ewigkeit" (like in February):

    • Saturday April 3: WDR at 21:45 local time - Die Partyhits Countdown Show von ABBA bis Whitney Houston
    • Sunday April 4: SWR at 23:20 - Ab in die 70er von ABBA bis Frank Zander
    • Monday April 5: PRO7 at 14:50 - ABBA - Songs für die Ewigkeit
    • Wednesday April 7: PRO7 at 3:25 - ABBA - Songs für die Ewigkeit

    Thanks to Sandra Doß!

March 3, 2021
  • Our new ABBA Fan Club Magazine Nr. 92 is out now.
    The magazine includes 36 A4-pages with very exclusive, unpublished photos in unique quality. Like always, the spring issue Nr. 92 contains news, special reports, unpublished photos plus one more great poster in the middle of the magazine with an exclusive ABBA photo from their last German press conference in 1982. We also have a little exclusive interview with Björn for you.

    • News Extra with all the news and photos
    • Competition with great prizes
    • Exclusive interview with Björn, with his handwritten answers
    • Special report about 30 Years of ABBA , final part
    • Special report: ABBA's performance on Show Express, final part - have fun with many more exclusive and unpublished photos
    • Special report about ABBA's Fernando with discography
    • Reader's Story with ABBA discography from Canada
    • Songbook - Single Tracks by Anni-Frid Lyngstad from 1971

    Have lots of fun with the magazine and like always we are looking forward to your feedback.






March 2, 2021
  • Remember the possibility to get hold of some very special ABBA items at the end of last year? Well, Stockholm based auction house Crafoord plans for yet another auction.
    They have already new, interesting objects from someone closely connected to the group- and would like to add additional stuff. Therefore, Crafoord auctions reaches out to you to contribute with more ABBA memorabilia for yet another special auction, which is planned for the end of April.
    Interested? Then you are welcome to directly contact the auction house for more info and valuation on

  • Here are two new photos of Björn enjoying the winter in Stockholm
    Source : ZAPgroup Instagram
    Björn    Björn

February 15, 2021
  • More ABBA on German TV:

    • Friday February 19: RBB at 23:15 local time - ABBA - Der Film
    • Saturday February 20: ARD at 20:15 - Klein gegen Groß Quiz show with a question about ABBA songs
    • Saturday February 20: NDR at 23:15 - ABBA - Der Film

    Thanks to Sandra Doß and Stephan Andreas!

January 22, 2021
  • These ABBA shows will run on German TV in February:

    • Tuesday February 9: PRO7 at 20:15 local time - ABBA - Songs für die Ewigkeit
    • Tuesday February 9: PRO7 at 21:20 - ABBA in Concert
    • Friday February 12: RBB at 20:15 and 1:15 - Die 30 schönsten Hits von ABBA

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